1986 GN for sale Indiana


Still Stockish
Feb 7, 2005
It is with great sadness that I am selling/trading my 1986 Buick Grand National.

I have owned this car for over 15 years and have a small fortune of time and money invested into it. Due to my family’s needs and job it has lost its place in my life and I hope someone else can enjoy it as much as I have.

This car has original paint, absolutely perfect interior and the body is in good shape with zero rust. It has been kept in a temperate controlled garage for all of its life and only driven in the best of weather (has never seen snow or salt). I put the majority of the miles on it and it currently has 43k on the odometer and doesn’t leak a drop of any fluid. Both the motor and trans are the originals.

It has many top grade parts and most of the originals are still in my possession. I currently have it converted and tuned for E85 fuel which it loves and runs well on. All upgrades have been done tastefully, clean and are the best money can buy in their respective categories. This is not a race car (has only seen the track twice), just a fun grocery getter that happens to be very fast.

List of upgrades:
Innovate 66mm dual ceramic BB turbo
Innovate remote upgraded oil system
Original trans with all billet internals built by the one and only “Jimmy’s”
Vigilante 9” 3200 stall converter
BMR adjustable upper & lower control arms
Precision front mount intercooler
Tin Man 4” cold air intake
FAST 60 LB fuel injectors
Walbro fuel pump
TA Performance Rear girdle
Nitto Drag Radials
Translator Plus w/ Wide Band & LS1 MAF
Extender Extreme adjustable chip
Terry Houston 3” stainless down pipe
ATR 3” stainless exhaust w/electronic dump
ATR sway bar
Race Gate boost controller
Performance springs
Pillar gauges: boost, knock, tachometer
RJC power plate
I’m sure so am forgetting some things but those are the big ones.

It was recently appraised and I am asking $27k obo but would be willing to trade for an RV or camper and tow vehicle combo.



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Bump for car. Spoke with Joe and hes a straight shooter and was very open to the 3 billion questions I asked, we spoke for a while on phone. I didnt realize it was a astroroof so that was a deal breaker for me due to my height 6' 5+. With that said I picked his brain hard and the car sounds very very nice! GLWS
Have to give a thumbs up to Joe for putting a reasonable price on his pride and joy. $27k is very fair but he also has the important obo because he's serious about a sale. If I were looking to buy, bet if I walked in with $23-24k in 100 dollar bills I could leave with a very nice GN. Thanks for being "real".
Good Morning Joe:
The car sounds really beautiful!! I was wondering if you could put the pictures up again as I cannot see any of the pictures, only tiny picture frames. Also was wondering where you are located.
Thanks very much!! Have a great weekend!!!