1986 GN - zero miles, just kidding

1986 Buick GX1

GX1 #001 [The One and Only]
At least mine sits inside the garage on jack stands so I don't have to work on it outside. The mirrors would get more light under there. Lol

Great job on the car, it looks fantastic!!

NOT ALL GN's had the "rock guard". I know that because my best friend bought one new without it!!
When I ordered mine there was not a rock guard or no rock guard option, it just came with it.

Maybe it was different in '87 or it was a dealer repaint and they just left it off??
It seems there were a lot of oddities back in the day. My GN came with a black metallic deck lid filler (between the deck lid and rear window). Does that mean I would lose points for being too flashy? Lol
Thanks guys, it gets a drive every once in a while. Photos below are from the grand rod run in pigeon forge Tn. Thousands of cars, scored top 25.


good to know ill have to look into rpo code see if mine is suppose to have them
thought that might have been the 2 points :LOL:because it looks perfect
I know he said bc paint was too smooth unreal