1986 Grand National for sale - in Michigan


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Apr 1, 2024
1986 Grand National for sale – Not running. Original Texas car then sold to the 2nd owner in Colorado in 1995 then I bought it in 2006 and moved it to Michigan but I never drove (or finished) the car. It had sat in various garages for the past 18 years until now. Clean title and Carfax. Very little rust for a car this old. The only rust-through I see is in the very bottom of the passenger quarter panel shown in the pictures. The other quarter panel is fine as you can see from the pics. The guy I bought it from painted it and did a decent job way back but there are dings and some scratches here and there on it. Tires are very old and will need to be replaced. The brake system is going to need work. Wheels are pretty decent for the age but not perfect. It will need new carpet and a headliner and at least the front seat covers replaced. The rear seats aren’t too bad.

I bought this with no motor or trans installed. I have a LOT of parts for this car! I have boxes and boxes of parts for this car I’ve bought over the years. Many new parts and tons of doubles/triples of many of the parts needed to put the car back together. There is a Notepad file in the OneDrive link below with a list of the parts for sale.

So here’s the deal. I want $10K for the car and $5K for the parts. These cars are now going for $30K plus now and will continue to go up in value. Plus this is an 86’ model which I know they only made like 5,500 of. If someone wants the car and all the parts I would go $14K for both now but I am not selling the parts piece by piece by any means. I’m too old and too impatient to sell the parts one by one. I bought the car from the last owner off of a Buick forum so I figured I’ll put it up for sale on the forums again first before I have to deal with all the Craigslist/Facebook/Ebay idiots. I was limited on how many pics I could post here so see the link below for more pics.

Link to pics, cam specs, and parts list:

GN pics

Thanks for your interest.

Dave H.



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