1986 T-Type for sale.

Didn't sell on Ebay so I put it back in this forum.

I'm looking at another project (1969 Nova) and my wife said one of the toys has to go, so I'm selling the T-type.Here are some pictures on my photobucket site here is the link. I would rater a forum member have it. Pm me for any questions that are not answered in the add.

http://s557.photobucket.com/albums/ss20/msp1055/86 Buick T-type/

I bought this car 2/10 from the original owner in Delaware. It has power windows,locks column shift, and the twilight sentinel option. I have several pictures black and whites from the original owner from the 80’s. I spent ten months getting it restored and have 26k in receipts not including the purchase price and paint. As you can see from the picture it was a true barn find. The original owner blew the stock transmission in 1993 when the car had 89,111 miles on it and parked in his barn till last year when he decided to sell it. It now has 89,2xx miles on it and they all are short trips into town and it has not been raced. I planned on running it this year just to see what it will do but the wife said its time for it to go as I want another toy and she has set the limit on my toys. The builder states that this car is mid 10 second capable and is around 600 hp, depending on what you set the boost at, however there are no dynos around here so I have never had it tested. I brought the car home, changed all of the fluids, replaced the starter and the fuel pump and it fired right up after sitting for nearly 18 years. The journey then began to the nearly 100 percent complete restoration. It went to the paint shop where it spent nearly two months, getting striped back to bear metal, all of the glass, trim, handles and header panel was removed for the re-spray. It was sprayed back with the factory medium metallic blue. No accident damaged was discovered (and this corresponds with what the original owner and carfax showed. The factory bumper fillers were long gone and new fiberglass units were prepped and installed. New door sweeps and seals were installed. New OEM front air dams were sourced and installed. When the glass shop re-installed the glass, I had them tint it to 20%. A new factory color head liner and sunvisors were installed as well as factory correct carpet. It was at that time that I decided to send it to get the transmission done and a basic tune-up. Well once I was at Gbodyparts.com I decided to take a different route. Below is the list of the restoration and upgrades.

1. The rear was gone throughi, . Installed Ta girdled cover, new fluid and gasket. With all new stainless brake lines, new backer plates all new bolts and new drums, heavy duty s-10 wheel cylinders. Its all new.
2. The weak control arms were replaced with HR Parts and Stuff units with poly bushings. The rear sway bar was replaced with a HR Parts and Stuff Super Sway Bar with heim joints with custom fabricated mounts.
3. The gas tank was pulled, cleaned out, and new Reds high volume fuel pump was installed along with a hot wire kit and a new GM sending unit was put in.
4. A custom 3 inch exhaust by Eric at Lucky’s Garage Lucky's Garage with dual stainless steel Magnaflow mufflers, a three inch dump pipe and an original 3 inch Terry Houston stainless steel downpipe.
5. The drive shaft was removed checked for balance and new u-joints installed.
6. The transmission is a Stage II from Lonnie Diers of Extreme Automatics Where winning is easy along with a 3200 convertor. Everyone knows the quality of his transmissions.
7. All of the frame rails were cleaned and re-sprayed along with the inner fenders.
8. The entire front suspension was removed cleaned. All of the bushings, tie-rods ball joints everything was replaced. With the exception of the actual sway bar and the actual control arms it all has been replaced with new parts.
9. The front brakes, rotors, pads, bearings have been replaced with new. The proportioning valve was replaced along with the accumulator ball and check valve were replaced with new. The brakes are strong.
10. After sitting for nearly 18 years all of the gaskets were leaking. The motor was pulled, broken completely down and cleaned and re-sprayed.
11. The engine was put back together with new bearings, all new ARP rod, main, and head bolts. HR Parts and stuff motor mounts were installed. The remaining bolts were replaced with a stainless kit.
12. The stock cam and lifters were replaced with a mild Eldebrock unit.
13. The stock heads and intake were replaced with Champion ported units and the intake plenum (dog house) was replaced with a new stock appearing ported unit.
14. New double roller timing chain.
15. New TaPerformance headers.
16. The Turbo was replaced with a Precision 6262 Billet Wheel Dual Ball Bearing Turbo. New RJC adjustable boost controller. Braided oil supply lines along with a new GM return line was installed.
17. New billet vacuum block. New billet thermostat housing and 160 thermostat
18. The stock intercooler was replaced with a Precision stock location stretch intercooler. However the stock intercooler goes with the sale.
19. New turbo 6 aluminum valve covers with dual K&N breathers.
20. All of the alternator and engine brackets were either powder coated or painted.
21. New GM water pump put in and powder coated to match. A stainless supply pipe was put in.
22. All of the vacuum hoses on the engine were put in along with new powder coated hard lines and fuel rails.
23. The intake hosing was replaced with a 3 inch powder coated unit with a K&N filter.
24. It has a new MAF, coil, and Module along with new high performance wires.
25. A new led caspers cam sensor.
26. New aluminum adjustable fuel pressure regulator and fuel gauge.
27. New 65 lb fuel injectors
28. New battery
29. A new audible knock sensor was installed
30. New gm hood shocks.
31. The factory radiator was removed, cleaned and new cores were installed by
Pro-Rad of Salisbury, Maryland.
32. A new GM factory windshield wiper fluid bottle was installed.
33. The factory turbo cover was cut to fit the Terry Houston Down pipe and fit over the Precision Turbo to appear as it’s a stock Turbo.
34. A Razor’s Alcohol dual line kit was installed.
35. There are Two Turbo Tweak Chips for the car, one street and one race. The race obviously has never been installed as it never has been raced.
36. A new Scanmaster was hooked up along with new VDO oil and water temp, and boost gauge were isnstalled.
37. The airconditioner was re-charged the compressor makes a little noise when you turn it on, but it does blow cold.
38. I replaced the factory chrome grill with a solid black 87 unit, but the 86 grill goes with the sale.
39. The chrome marker lights were replaced with factory black ones for the black out look. The headlight trims were re-sprayed, however they have some small imperfections on the edges.
40. The taillights were removed, the trims were sanded and re-sprayed and the lights were polished and waxed to a fine shine.
41. The front and rear glass was removed during the break down, and the windshield was cracked so a new one was installed. All of the window trims are original and have some small imperfections.
42. The car did not have wheel well moldings when I bought it so I sourced some very good drivers and put them on.
43. The new/unused spare tire is there along with the factory jack. I bought the basic trunk carpet kit and put it in.
44. The factory bench seat and rear seat are still there and the front is showing some wear but still a very good driver. The back seat is near perfect.
45. I have two bucket front t-type seats that I was going to install after re-covering but they will go with the sale.
46. Prior to putting the interior back in, the entire interior, doors, floors and roof were covered with a Dynomat product. The interior is really quiet and the doors sound real solid when you close it.
47. The dash is in really good shape except for a crack on the front next to the windshield. Not visible from the inside of the car its along the seam. A new speaker front deck cover was bought and installed.
48. New GM power antenna.
49. I have all of the factory emblems that came off of the car. I did not put the Regal and 3.8 turbo emblems back on.
50. The car comes with two sets of rims and two new sets of tires. The stock T-type rims and stock size 15 inch tires with less then 50 miles on them. The rims that are on it are the Highly desired GTA non-dimpled rims. They were stripped, painted, and polished by ye olde wheel shop in Columbia Maryland. The tires on those rims are BfGoodrich staggered front to rear, and they have less then 100 miles on them.
There are a couple of more things that I would have done to make the car near perfect. The rear main seal has a small leak. I’m told cars with this much HP and boost is going to leak, but I was going to replace it one more time to see. The original factory crossover pipe was re-used but I think a two piece unit would work better. The chrome bumpers would need to be re-chromed to be a show car, but they are excellent drivers. Overall the paint is a 9. It would benefit from a wet sand and polish and it would be fine with that as it has three coats of clear on it. There is a small chip around the rear window trim the size of a pencil head. I guess it got there when the body shop put the trim back on. There is a small dent about the size of a pencil head on the hood near where the radiator is, from someone closing the hood with a part sitting on the radiator top plate.
At this point I will be accepting offers starting at 17k. More or less if you want all of the extra stock parts, the Noah cover and the gta wheels.