1986 TType Driver Side Power Seat switch needed


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Looking for the power seat switch for my driver side seat in my 1986 TType. Is a 7 pin switch. Anyone have one?

Hello, is the 7 pin power seat switch you are looking for ALL black - including the control lever that comes out of the switch?
The two outter flat switches are chrome and the center knob is chrome as well.. my center knob broke off.
The GM part number is GM P/N 20702837
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See pic


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Hello, thank you for the picture and information. I have a NOS 7 pin switch - the exact same as what you are looking for BUT it's all black - not chrome like the original. If interested... let me know and I can send you some pictures.
Joe, take a look at mine. It's off of my 8T6 blackout T Type.
I send it if you want it.
I think the pic is messed up due to reflections.
It's all chrome.
IMG_0393 (1).JPG
I am also looking for a driver side seat switch for an 86 GN but my part # is different (20411769). It is a 7 pin. I want Joe to have first dibs on one since this is his thread.