1987 Buick Gn for sale**


William Avila (The Buick Guy)
I am listing my 1987 GN. It has lots of bolt on mods. The car runs and drives great. It is reliable and will run 11.6 or better. The car body is perfect and paint is 7 of 10 or great. Tires are all perfect it has 17's on it. The car will need a grill and two seat covers on the front seats. if your interested feel free to call me at 405-361-5362 or email me at williambavila@yahoo.com I am looking to get $19500 it has been appraised for more than that.
Thats some funny stuff there guys.. Yes the car needs two front seat COVERS due to age. The grill has been replaced. If anyone is intersted in the car I can provide a appraisal for the car and all previous ones. Its a daily driver with ac all the correct stuff that works together and has a great tune.Its a high tens low elevins car that I drive every day. The engine was replaced in october and is built. For any specs or further details call me @ 405-361-5362. Feel free to comment all you want but it is what it is. $19500 :cool:
Don't take any offense to the above comments but your for sale add comes across as "Hey guys I have a buick for sale, no pics, the grill is/was messed up, seats are worn, the paint has flaws. Price is 20000...kthnxby"

Post some pics and justify your price(maybe all these buck guys are wrong and your car is worth that much). But, ask yourself if you were in the market for a 20000 dollar gn, would you look at this add and think its legit?
No offence taken!

let me start off by saying if someone wants pics they can contact me at williambavila@yahoo.com for the pics.

As for the seats they have the normal tear in the seam very small but I would replace the covers.The grill well no biggie I have ordered one and will replace it.

The car has had a appraisal done on it every two years and has been appraised at more than I am asking. I figured that is some one wanted a car that was finished as far as power train and body your not going to find a better car. Or the alternitave is you can buy a 12k car and spend 10k+ on learning and repalcing headgaskets,trannys,fuelpumps and all the other bull**** you wanna throw at it to try to get you a ten sec car.:biggrin:
Does the odometer work?

yes 133k on the odo. The engine and trans were installed less than 1k miles ago.The complete car has been gone through meaning all bushings and bearings as well as springs and ball joints. so the odo and seat covers are old yes!
Who appraised the car? I think it will be pretty hard to get that out of your car with the way the economy is now but a least I will give you a A for trying.If you really want to sell it on this board you are going to have to post a better description of the car and some pics. Good luck with the sale though!
Thanks for the input. I have not been advertising the car much I just wanted to see what buyers were serious or tire kickers. I have my answer but the car is not for sale any longer.Unless I get 19500.:biggrin: