1987 Buick GN for sale


1987 Buick Grand National

I purchased this vehicle in April 2010 in Milwaukee, WI. If you read below, you will find a very detailed description of the car. The actual mileage is unknown, the odometer currently shows 34,xxx miles. I received a Carfax with the vehicle when I bought it that the last mileage reported was 123,xxx. Being a digital dash vehicle, I suspect the instrument cluster was replaced prior to my ownership. I have put on approximately 18,000 miles since doing a complete rebuild on the engine and transmission. Included with the sale of this vehicle is a large folder containing all of the receipts for purchases and repairs I have done. The title is clear, and the lien release is in hand.

Exterior: I believe the exterior of this vehicle was repainted prior to my ownership. It is an older repaint, and some areas the paint is thin. The paint is cracking on some of the body lines on the front fenders and drivers door. I had the rear valance and trunk lid repainted a few years ago, the valance turned out really nice however I wasn’t completely satisfied with the final product on the trunk. I receive a lot of compliments on the vehicle when I drive it to car shows or cruise nights, and my best friend who is also a car buff tells me I am too critical of my car’s appearance. He drives a SRT10 Viper, not a Yugo. I would rate the paint 7/10. I replaced the rear bumper fillers with fiberglass replacements a few years ago, they fit ok but not perfect. The passenger side rear quarter panel has been replaced prior to my ownership, I found this out when I removed the spare tire and jack to detail the trunk area. The GM replacement parts decal is visible, and I left it intact on the vehicle. The T-top trim is in very good condition, no rust is present under the hatch panels. I did replace the anti-rattle weather strips. All other weather stripping on the vehicle is original to the car, I have not replaced it as the aftermarket weather strip kits do not have a good reputation for correct fit. I have also installed Kirban body braces in the trunk. The passenger door could use a slight adjustment, it drags a little on the striker.

Interior: The interior of the vehicle is original, with the exception of the headliner which I replaced two years ago with a unit from Highway Stars, and I added a two-gauge pillar where the oil pressure and boost gauges are located. Also in the pillar are the LED indicators for the meth injection. There is one small hole in the bolster of the driver’s seat bottom cover. I did replace the console appliqués as the originals were worn/scuffed. The vehicle is equipped with power locks, windows, digital dash, upgraded Delco Theft lock AM/FM/CD radio, and power driver seat. The windows are tinted, it’s an older tint job, and should be removed and/or redone.

Drive train: I purchased the vehicle in April 2010 with a rebuilt engine. The following fall, the engine had a miss and a huge lack of power. Upon teardown it was found a cam lobe was flat. I removed the engine and had a reputable machinist go over the entire block to confirm no other damage was present. The block is bored .030 over, I installed a 212/212 cam from Full Throttle with lifters and pushrods, new rings, gaskets, etc. I have approximately 18,000 miles on the engine since the rebuild was completed in the spring of 2011. Many bolt on mod’s have been added to the engine since the rebuild, including a Bison Performance TE44 turbo, LT1 MAF Sensor with translator, RJC powerplate under the plenum, 36lb injectors, new fuel sending unit and fuel pump, fuel pump hotwire kit, F-Body radiator, cold air intake with AEM dry filter, stock location intercooler with Duttweiler neck, Scanmaster 2.0 upgraded to 2.1 by Turbo Bob Bailey, Turbo tweak chip, Alkycontrol methanol injection (new pump installed 2017, previous pump started leaking), 160 degree thermostat, and a few other parts I’m sure. At the time I had the engine rebuilt correctly, I also installed a Raptor 200R4 transmission from PATC. It shifts very firm. I have had the differential cover off to inspect the axle components, everything is in good working order with no issues present. I have only used synthetic oils in the engine, transmission, and differential since 2011.

Chassis: The underside of this vehicle is very clean and rust free. As a matter of fact, this is the cleanest G Body I’ve ever owned, and I’ve had six of them. I replaced the front shocks in 2010 shortly after purchasing the vehicle. At that time, I also replaced the tires with BFG Radial TA P215/65R15 front and P255/60R15 rear. The front brakes were also replaced with resurfacing the rotors and repacking the wheel bearings when the tires were replaced. I had the rear drums off last year, the shoes were in excellent shape, so I only cleaned and adjusted the rear brakes. I also painted the drums black. The exhaust is an ATR three inch single shot system with a Magnaflow muffler. All front end parts are in good condition, and I had the idler arm replaced in 2014 along with an alignment. The steering wheel is straight and it drives very well down the road. The wheels are original GN steel wheels. The chrome is in good condition for the age, and I have replaced all of the center caps with NOS GM caps.

This is a very nice car, but it is not perfect. It’s 30 years old. The following is a list of items that require attention at some point:

-The power radio antenna does not retract. It is in the up position, and I have the antenna motor unplugged.

-The cruise control is inoperative. It has been since I purchased the car. I believe the turn signal lever will require replacement, it is not correct for the vehicle (its all black, like a Monte Carlo has. Buick would be chrome).

-The Air Conditioning has been retrofitted to R134A refrigerant. The system needs to be recharged.

-The passenger side wiper arm is going to require replacement. The best way to describe the issue that it doesn’t stay tight to the post on the wiper transmission, and it is sloppy. I have Rain-X on the windshield, and try not to drive the car in wet weather, so I have not made it a priority to repair it.

I highly encourage and welcome third party inspections. This vehicle is being sold AS-IS, meaning there is no warranty expressed or implied. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the purchaser. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. $18,000, located near Madison, WI. I don't need to sell it, but have decided to see if any interest is present as I found a GS I'd really like to park in my garage.


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