1987 buick grand national -for sale $12000


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Oct 24, 2010

Excellent condition, super clean, runs well, good body on dent, good paint and interior, color: black, 56900 miles+- per odeometer

3.8 Turbo. suto transmission
power window/lock/cruise control
turbo/boost gauge
knock gauge
temperature gauge
oil gauge
alcohol injection
cassette tape player
wheels: Center Line
new front BF Goodrich- Radial TIA P225/60R15 95S M+S
new rear Cooper Cobra- Radial G/T 105S P25/50R15 M+S

Vehicle is located in Honolulu, Hawaii. Contact: (808) 927-0737, email: hawaii002010@gmail.com


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More pictures? How is the paint? Has the engine and tranny been rebuilt if so ho many miles? Can you post some video?
do you still have org rims? any more pics of car ? what would you think shipping would go for to new york any idea
How much is shipping to the mainland? East coast?

By Boat: $1K to west coast... $2K + to east coast. (Try PASHA hawaii transport lines)

BRETT... if you want I can make some time to look at this car and take pics for you... I just sold my GN as well.... the family that bought mine steered away from this car specifically because of the Alky.

They believe the mileage to have rolled... but they arent well versed in G-bodies.
Cancell that Idea... I just got an email from the listed seller the car is sold.
Car sold to me:D

Car was just brought in from California 2 months ago. Still had the Matson key chain on the keys. Spent most of its life in Fresno Cali. Always garaged with ZERO rust, no body work, and original paint.

I called to inquire about the car and I originally got turned off from the idea of buying this car for the same reason (alky kit) and also the fact that the owner was being very vague about how she took ownership of the vehicle from her son. The owner could not verify if the mileage was original or rolled over. With that info I no longer persued the vehicle. But my curiosity got the best of me and 2 weeks later and I went to look at it. CARFAX revealed that it has 56,000 original miles. Car is mostly stock down to the exhaust,cat,muffler. Has a chip,alky kit, and intake. Car looked great and drove really well. Has the original window sticker and broadcast sheet.

But I wasnt yet convinced about the purchase cuz I had no idea who did the mods or if it was ever race. I scrutinized everything on the car and everything looked great but I had no history on the vehicle.

Few days past and I had to dig really hard (thank God for the internet) to get the full story. This car used to belong to the belated "GMPOWER".
I wont go into the full story out of respect for the mother but GMPOWER owned about 4 turbo regals with this being one of them. He drove this car about 600 miles in that last 3 years before his passing. Never raced, just sat in his garage with his other cars.

I was also able to get in touch with the previous owner (Thank God for TURBOBUICK.COM!) and I got most of its history from there. He bought this car in 2002 from a guy who worked at Kitahara Buick in Vacaville California with 51,000 original miles. He said it was 100% completly stock and not a single mod was ever done to it before he took ownership. In 2005-06 is when the mods were put on the car. It was never raced. I know, the gauges tell a different story but owners stated it was just for show. He sold the car to GMPOWER in 2008 and it basically just sat in his garage.

I absolutely was going to pass on the car. The car looked really good, but for my sanity I really wanted to know the history of the car. Im glad I was able to get the full story on the car along with speaking to the previous owner.

All in all, Im really happy with the purchase. Its has the usual checking on the roof,trunk,etc but the body is just straight like an arrow and is in great running condition. Sorry for the long story, I just wanted to share my journey with finding the info on this car and let you guys know the truth about it. PS: for thos who passed on the car, THANK YOU!:D