1987 Buick Sales and Marketing Manual - Very Rare


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The 1987 Buick Marketing Manual. AKA Buick dealer album.

SALE PENDING RECEIPT OF FUNDS This marketing manual Buick produced was given to all Buick dealerships and contained all the info they needed to educate buying consumers as well as their salesmen. It contained every option, every code, etc., for the entire Buick product line including, of course, the Grand National, Turbo T, Regal Limited Turbo or any Regal for that matter. It also has samples/swatches of vinyl/leather/cloth for seat material options. Paint chips were also included along with pin-striping and two-tone details! Lots of high quality color photos of all models with various options. This marketing and sales manual has over 100 pages and weighs almost 7 pounds. It also includes complete info for Skyhawk, Skylark, Somerset, Century, LeSabre, Electra, Park Avenue, & Riviera.

This is probably one of the hardest pieces of Buick Literature to obtain for your Buick information collection. The Buick owners who do have one, generally are not willing to part with it. (unless they get really desperate!) Not to mention they probably waited a LONG time to acquire one!

Of course, after the model year, most Buick dealerships simply tossed these out since they didn’t need them any longer! That’s the main reason these Buick dealer albums are so rare to find!

This book IS the pinnacle for Buick literature collections! This one is in excellent condition with no missing pages and also has the December '86 update pages which added the WE4 Turbo T options and other updates over the entire product line. Price is $250 delivered in the lower 48 and PayPal, money order or personal check (subject to clearance) are acceptable for payment.

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