1987 Buick Turbo T FS: 51k and fast!

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I will list details here and interested parties should contact me through Email or Pm asI will be locking this thread down for discussion. If you are interested in the car Email me or PM me. I will respond immd.

1987 Buick Turbo T. Origanaly used from 1987 - 91 and accumulated an unmodified 50,000 miles. Than the car was parked/stored until 2011 ( 20 years) when I put my motor/trans into it and began driving it again. I have put 1000 miles on it and it runs great with the XFI and never exceeding 175 degrees. I just recently drove it 1.5 hours both ways to Kirbans meet with no issues at all. Pretty much everything is new. The car needs a few things to be finished with Paint being the biggest thing. I did the mechanical restoration and ran out of time to do the cosmetic restoration. I'm buying a new house and need to free up the money. Thats the only reason i'm selling this car that was a dream of mine to build. It currently has around 51,053 or so miles.

Engine: motor was torn down to the bare block. Everything hot tanked, crank lightly polished and reassembled with new king main/rod bearings. It has ARP main studs and rod bolts, rest is stock. This was a virgin never hurt 75k motor to begin with. My brother did all the work. He has been building these GN motors and 200R4's since around '97. His car runs mid 10's with the same set up as this one.

Here is a parts list.
-H+R Poly motor mounts
-NOS 90's Bowling green deep oil pan wih baffle.
- New non roller Comp 212/212 full kit with new timing chain, push rods and lifters.
-Cometic head gaskets and Arp head studs.
-The heads are fresh from the machine shop and have light gasket porting, all new hardware, Largest stainless valves possible and full multi angle valve job. They are topped with GN1 valve covers and Metco breathers.
-The intake and headers are stock. It has a billet EGR block off.
-Hand fabricated polished MPE 3 inch plenum with ATS sensor and a 3 inch polished Accufab throttle body. There is also a Kirbans billet vacuum block
-MSD 8mm wires
-3 inch RJC up pipe and 4 inch inlet both polished. K+N cone filter
-Turbonetics CPT 66 BB polished turbo with ported internal wastegate.
-3.5 inch down pipe w/ 3.5 inch polished dump and 2.5 inch Hooker Catback. (throaty!)
-24 Row handmade MPE stock location intercooler with handmade diffuser shroud an 3 inch inlet/outlet.
-New battery, alternator, hoses, AC Delco plugs, Fresh Comp Cams Oil, belt and most sensors.
-Fully blueprinted front cover and Melling HV pump kit. Plenty oil pressure.
-New Aeromotive 340 stealth in tank pump, Racetronix hot wired hanger and caspers Hotwire kit. New 60lbs Mototron injectors. Accufab fuel pressure regulator. Modified fuel rail with #8 AN braided line to chassis line.
-Fast XFI computer with new 3 bar map sensor and Flashed with 2.0 and self learn for automatic tuning.
-Virgin 75k BRF trans never hurt. Totally rebuilt with racing clutches, Kolene steels, Kevlar bands Sonnax billet Super servo, billet apply piston, hardened stator tube and hardend input shaft in stock foward drum. Deep Cast alluminum pan and only ever ran Synthetic Type F.
-9.5 inch Transmission Specialties street/strip converter, lock up with 3200 stall.
-trans crossmember and Driveshaft fully stripped, painted and new U-joints installed. Yoke fully glassbeaded and polished on a lathe.
-KYB gas adjustable shocks all around. Hotchkiss Sport front 1.5 lowering springs, New front brakes and Slotted Zinc Rotors.
Weld Rodlites 15x6 with Dunlop tires and 15x7 with Nitto 275/60 drag radials.

The paint is bad. It pretty much needs a full strip and repaint. It could also use 2 new bumpers and 4 new fillers. I went full force on the motor and trans and getting the car running and ran out of time and money before getting to the body and paint. Someone put some rust inhibitor all over so most of what you see on the car is that (brown color). The 2 spots of actual rust that are any concern are the bottom of the passenger door and the tire well in the trunk (not a real big deal). The door looks like it can be grinded all away and cleaned up and the bottom of the tire well as the usual holes from water sitting in it. The bottom of the car including the floors and actual trunk are beutiful. The drivers door bottom may have a paint bubble or 2. Ther's a small little dent on the drivers rear quarter just above the body line and a few dings by the door handle(s).

Interior: Very clean, unmolested and all origanal. It has 2 new oil/water digital guages and a new Pioneer CD player along with JL Audio fronts and Kenwood rears. All brand new. The interior is clean and unmolested. There is a slight split in the top of the dash and a tiny hole starting in the front of the drivers seat. The upper dash speaker panel is missing the screws. The interior pictures were taken on an extremely sunny day so they are a bit washed out and don't capture the origanal rich maroon color.

I've tried to be as specific as possible. I'm sure there's a bunch of things i'm forgetting so if you have questions please ask. This is a clean, 50k car with a NEW 10 seconed combination hiding behind a bad paint job and some cosmetic defects. I have never had the car to the track (unfortunetely) and I drive it pretty easy on the street. Most of the 1000 miles I've added have been with my wife and kids in the car. I have never had it over 18psi of boost and have only had the dump open once ( LOUD!). The tune in the car is good but it's extremely conservitive. There's plenty of fuel and timing is low. The car has never seen a degree of knock since i started the motor a few months back. I just installed the 2.0 self learn but havn't activated it yet. Since I finished the car I have had 5-10 minutes to play with it at a time and I chose to drive it instead of tinker. Between upgrading my house and having 2 young babys i have No TIME or MONEY left for this car so I need to take a break (unfortunetely) and get back into TR's in a few years.

Here are a few other thing to know.
- AC is all there and probably works great. I don't have the 2 bolts to bolt the lines on to the compressor so I put it aside and havn't used it.
-Stereo/speakers are all brand new but could use a box/amp to sound more efficient. I have them but never had time to install them. Available for extra $
-Tune is fine and car runs good. Of course a professional tune would probably find 75 extra HP. The combination I chose is good for 10's at 24 psi
-I had the posi rear all freshened up and por 15'd. Turns out posi isn't working and it whines though. I have a new take out GN Posi and full master Richmond rebuild kit along with 3 quarts of synthetic fluid and additive ready to make it right. No time to do it. The rear really isn't bad just acts like a 1 legger and whines at 60+. I'm supplying the kit to fix it.
-Rear wheels could use a balance

I'm asking $10,000 OBO. PM me or Email me with any interest. The thread will be locked for discussion so contact me if interested.

More detailed pictures can be found here. Check the sub albums for interior and motor pictures


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