1987 engine brackets


Oct 3, 2010
I am putting my 1987 stock 3.8 grand national motor and can't remember where all the brackets came off. Can anyone help me with where they go. I will try to describe them and hopefully put up pics later. The 1st one is a small L shaped tube bracket with a open and a closed end. The next one is a small plate type bracket that has a v bend in the middle. And the last one is also a plate type that is about 6 inches wide and it is flat with 2 tabs bent 90 degrees for bolts to go through. Any ideas or any where to direct me to? Please help. Thanks
First one is accesory bracket to header bolt. Second is header bolt to alternator. The third I need a little more information. This is from memory. I didn't go look.
The alternator bracket isn't a plate type bracket. It is round so I'm not sure. Need more of a description. Sorry.
The third is the coil/modular bracket. Two bolts go in the back of the intake and on threaded hole on top for the mounting plate?
here's the pictures!!!
The "L" bracket goes from the back of the accessory bracket to the exhaust header stud. The large plate with two mounting holes is the starter shield....bolts to the block over the starter. The small plate with one mounting hole goes on the lower hole at the back of the head on the right side (passenger side) of the motor. I think only the 87's had that shield.