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  • Dont ever deal with this member.. he will take your money and NEVER send you parts. Still waiting for my valve body, or my money back!
    Hi, I was looking to purchase a set of spark plug wires the Morosa Ultra 40's. If you could please contact me with pricing and how to go about placing the order. That would be great thanx in advance.
    I'm looking for a set of ignition wires for the TR-6 with coil. Do you still make them in black or grey and what is the pricing?
    How are you? I put a post on here today about spark plug wires and had a few people tell me to contact you. Just wanted to get a price and see what color. I am hoping black or gray. If you have any pics please post them. I was running reds for years but he doesn't make them. I now need a set for a friends car I am working on and also an extra set for me to have on hand.

    Thanks for the help

    is the price on that t.c. is shipped right..... I live in Tampa, Fl..... Please send me specs on the t.c..... Like what turbo it's set-up for or is it just a off the self unit....
    Shane, When I returned from vacation, my wires were waiting! Thank you! Well worth the wait! Thanks, Travis
    Good Day to You Sir , what would be a good set of spark plug wire's to use on my 87 Tr due to the extreme heat. Thank's alot
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