1987 GN 110k miles


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May 26, 2001
$9,500 OBO. The car's gotta go so by "best offer", I mean best offer. Don't be shy.

T-top car. Rebuilt total with good NJ “R” title (transferrable to most states - check with yours before buying). I'm getting divorced and have nowhere to put the car once I vacate my current residence. I could also use the cash.

I've owned the car for 10 years now. It was hit on both sides in the rear after being stolen. The damage really wasn't that bad, but it was totaled by State Farm. Both 1/4s were replaced with GM parts. The 10-year-old restoration is showing its age and it could use a paint job. Still looks great from 20-feet. Damage and fairly recent pics are here:

The Grand National
Drag Racing Pics

I can e-mail detailed pics to interested parties.

The car runs very strong, but way off it's potential at 118 MPH in the 1/4. Best ET is an 11.3. I have fairly new 28" MT ET streets mounted on Draglites. The 26" MT ET Streets that are on it need replaced (also on Draglites).

It was originally a Maryland car and never had and still doesn't have any rust. The t-tops leak, so there could be rust there but the car has been garage kept since I've owned it and I can count on one hand the number of times it's been out in the rain.

- Less than 500 miles on a Dan Smith-built stock block with billet caps; .060 over
- Dan Smith ported and polished heads with larger intake valves
- 218/212 Roller cam; stock rockers
- TA Headers
- HR Parts-n-stuff motor mounts
- Ported and polished intake
- Accufab doghouse and 70mm TB
- RJC Power Plate
- EGR block-off
- Cometic head gaskets
- ARP studs

- G-body Parts aluminum radiator
- Dual fans with Casper’s harness wired for operation with A/C
- 160 degree thermostat

Engine Management
- FAST XFI with Casper’s Plug-n-play harness
- Aux data monitoring:
o Fuel pressure
- Turbonetics T70 ball bearing turbo with Precision exhaust housing
- RJC Megacooler
- Turbonetics Godzilla BOV

- Red Armstrong double pumper with two Walbro 340s; wired to FAST system
- 83# injectors
- Old school SMC alky kit

- RJC racing 3” downpipe
- Cotton’s 3” dual SS exhaust system with Magnaflow SS mufflers

- CK Performance 2004R
- Vigilante “0” pump torque converter
- Inland Empire Driveline aluminum driveshaft
- Strange engineering axles
- Rebuilt posi
- Boxed lower control arms
- Air bags
- Competition Engineering drag shocks
- Weld Draglites, MT ET Street rear tires (2 sets of rear rims and tires)

- JAX recovered front seats
- Casper’s knock gauge
- Autometer Ultra Lite II gauges
o Electronic FP
o Boost
o Oil Pressure
o Water Temp

- Casper’s high amperage injector harness
- Russ Merrit (sp?) plug wires, recent coil pack and ignition module
- Ash tray switch panel with TCC lockup and line lock
- Sony am/fm/cd with iPod input
- Upgraded speakers in stock location

- New Delco A/C compressor
- New GM A/C accumulator/drier
- Hella headlights
- Lots of extra parts
- New RH upper control arm bushings
- New rotors and pads
- New windshield

Known issues:
- Needs LF and rear bumper fillers (I have a fiberglass one for the LF)
- Needs tires
- Fuel level sender is kaput

I'm sure there's a lot of stuff that I've done to the car over the years that I'm not recalling at the moment. I'll tack onto this thread as stuff occurs to me. I'll add some current pics as soon as the weather clears up, too.

- Jim
Thanks for the replies and kind words.

I'll get pics up tomorrow as soon as I can get the car out in the daylight.

As promised, here are pics. I haven't cleaned the car up, which I know doesn't help, but I wanted to get pics up ASAP.

A couple of other things I forgot to add:

- PTE Turbo Saver remote oil filter
- External trans cooler
- Metco driveshaft loop
- Have stock wheels and most stock parts










any shots of the spot where the t-tops might be leaking?

Yeah, I can get those later today. I can take the tops out and that piece of trim off that runs along the top of the windshield. I did it a few years ago and it looked okay. When the tops leak, the water drips onto the console. I have new GM seals in it, too. I guess they just need adjusted? Dunno. I don't drive it in the rain so it never bothered me.
Here are t-top pics. There is a little bit of rust in both corners, but nothing I'd be too concerned about. If I were keeping the car I'd peel back that weather stripping, hit it with some rusty metal primer and then goop it up with that black sealant/weather stripping glue.




Jim, I feel bad for the current situation you're in. Divorce, laid off, selling home, selling car...jeez what's left?

Good luck with the sale and with the rest of what's going on right now. Keep your head up. Let me know if you need something.

Jim, I feel bad for the current situation you're in. Divorce, laid off, selling home, selling car...jeez what's left?

Good luck with the sale and with the rest of what's going on right now. Keep your head up. Let me know if you need something.


Thanks Mike! I figure it can only get better from here....there have been some silver linings appear over the past few weeks. Unfortunately, however, the GN is a luxury I can't afford right now. I'd like to see someone get the freakin' thing into the 10s. Gawd knows I've tried.
Would take. $8,000.00 I did not want a car with all that stuff on I wanted a stock Gn but I know I would put some mods but not that far? Also do u a clean title or salvage title and do u factory rims
My email is gavinxman@yahoo.com. Ps not a tire kicker
I ment would you take $8,000.00 for the car and I do love a the extra mods I can live with a fast Gn I can always slow it down. But I want !!!!