1987 GN wheels


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Nov 15, 2004
I have a set of 4 factory wheels off of a 1987 GN. I also have 3 center caps and about a dozen original lug nuts. The wheels are in nice condition. The chrome is nice with no peeling or curbing. The wheels were stored indoors for several years. They had tires on them when I got them but they were worn so I had them removed. All held air fine. The backs of these rims are even in nice condtion. I would rate them an 8 to 8.5 on a scale of 10. There are some small blemishes as would be expected for a 20 year old set of wheels. These would be great for anything short of a 100 point car. The center caps are not cracked/chipped, etc and the emblems are all there. The lugs are also in good condition and ready to use. $400 for everything plus shipping or pick up if you like. I have pics so shoot me an e-mail address and I will send them. Thanks for looking.
I am south of Detroit about 15 miles or so. I am currently at work and will send pics this evening when I get home. Thanks for the reply.
Thanks for the replies everyone. I had a 13 hour day at work and just got in. I will send pics to everyone who has asked. Ashamed to say I don't know how to post pics or I would have already. I can send them though. If anyone wants to call me I have no problem with that just ask and I will PM you my number.
A couple of things I forgot to list in my description. The lug holes on these wheels are excellent. I have seen some that are mushroomed open from overtightening, etc and these show none of that at all. The bead area of the rims where the tires seal is excellent, not corroded up. Pics have been sent. Any questions, etc please let me know.
Absolutely no problem. The only restriction is it has to be in the lower 48 states. I ship Fed Ex insured so there are no worries in the event of a problem. If you get me your zip code I can get you a price. My guess is $80 - 100 due to the weight but rather than guess I will check that out and give you an accurate price right up front if I get your zip. Any questions please let me know.