1987 Gn


old surfboards wanted!!!
Hardtop car,ta49,009s,stretch intercooler,rjc plate,walbro 340 hotwired,KB fuel pressure gauge,Mease 3"dp w/cat and test pipe. 3 year old paint job w/new bumper fillers and weatherstripping.Nice interior. Mileage 111k. Tranny and convertor 40k.I found another car to play with. $9000.00 Located near Baltimore Maryland. no pix at this time :frown: later-kurt
Hey Frank,long time no see!! Sorry but its a 1972 pro-street Nova project :redface: later-kurt
For those i promised more pix,i was unable to get more taken today ,working on Sundays suck!! :mad: I will get some posted as soon as possible. Thanks-kurt
Pictures to follow......as soon as my daughter gets home to help me :redface: .Car is pretty loaded option wise,pwr windows,locks,posi rear,trunk opener,everything works except cruise control.I have never run this car at the track with all the bolt-ons in place.The combo is a proven low 12sec setup with sticky tires and boost.Car has never seen anything above 19psi. I had this car sold a couple of months ago for alot more money,but I backed out at the last minute,now i cant hardly give it away!!! Christmas is a bad time of the year to sell a car.
The link you've provided for photos doesn't seem to be working as intended... It just takes me to a generic webshots page without any photos.

I went ahead and created a Webshots account and logged in, and now am getting the "We're sorry.....due to a high volume of page requests, this Webshots page is not available right now. " message. :( It seems you have to make an account, and then keep mashing F5...