For Sale: 1987 Grand National, North NJ


Looking to sell my 87 GN. I’ve owned this one since 2001, time for a change. NOTE ON MILEAGE: The car has 105,019 miles but the title reflects about 142K because I replaced the digital dash but didn't set the mileage before I went to inspection. The car had 93,341 miles on it on 8/6/2001 when the dash was replaced. Replacement dash had 32,327 miles on it at that time and now has 44,005 miles on it. Yes, under 12k miles driven in the last 21 years, my guess is around 2,000 miles in the last 10 years. Rarely used these days, it goes out a few times a year and that’s it. Ok, now that’s out of the way.

I have owned the car since 2001 but it was titled in my fathers name from 2001 - 2007 so if you run a carfax you will see it was retitled in 2007. Nothing to hide, just explaining.

Car is nice and straight except for a few dings in the driver door. Runs great, strong, shifts nice. I daily drove this when I first bought it. The paint needs a buffing and detail, scratches and swirlies but should come up well if done right.

The paint was done before I bought the car in 2001, it looked to be a few years old back then. When I bought this the header panel was cracked so I put an aftermarket one on it from a local guy. It was already painted, I just bolted it on. Lots of paperwork on the car, original window sticker, build sheet still in the passenger side door, piles of receipts and some paperwork from the original dealer.

Upper door panels replaced with the ones that Mikes Montes sold. Look great but I did not replace the pull straps. I feel it actually looks better without them. New outer window sweeps/felts too. New headliner and visors recovered recently. Spoolfool one piece fiberglass rear bumper filler. Have new Spoolfool front bumper fillers as well but not installed on the car.

The guy I bought the car from in 2001 said the motor was rebuilt but again there were no receipts so I would not sell it as having a rebuilt motor since I cannot prove it.

The drivers door is solid except for two silver dollar sized dings. The passenger door had rust in the back lower corner that I cut out and filled. It was about 2"x3". The rear quarters had rust about 1.5"x1.5" on both sides right above the tailpipes. Other than that there have been no rust issues on the car other than the normal light surface rusting you saw on the underside pic on the rear axle, sway bar etc.

Asking $26,500 the car as it sits right now.
6131 turbo

ESP front mount

SMC progressive alky

Pat's Converter 2800 Stall 12"

50# Injectors

Hotwire 307 fuel pump


2 1/2" exhaust w/ ultra flow muffs

Turbo Tweak alky chip

Adj fuel regulator

RJC boost controller

9" K&N w/ 3" maf pipe

160* stat

8.5mm MSD's

Tubular Lower Contol Arm

Rear Air Bags in Springs

15x8 GN rear wheels w/ 275/60/15 MT drag radials. Have a pair of OEM rims for the front as well.

Sitting on American Racing IROC style wheels right now. 16” front and 18” rear.

Clear title in hand.

More pics in album:


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