1987 Grand National 25.5 race car, twin turbo Stage II


Told the wife I wanted to trade for a T or GN in driving condition. She didn't say out loud "No", so I take that as a "Yes honey, absolutely". ;)

Still for sale or trade. Have my eye on another T, so I am motivated to sell as a roller ASAP.
TTT, have my eye on a T local, PM me an offer if you are interested. If you plan to put FAST on it, I can remove the electronics and drop the price. (Ecm, powerlogger, scanmaster, maft pro, wideband)
Ready to make a deal either as a roller, or with everything included to put it all back together. I just don't have the time to put it all back together right now. Fresh trans, engine all machined and balanced ready to assemble, etc. PM me for details if interested.
How has no one bought this it has everything but a stripper in the front street!! Damn I have two dogs and a gn roller straight up trade!!!!!! ;)

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Ha ha. Tbone, for you I will find a stripper to include! ;)

Can include a 4.005" 153 on center block, 3.625" Crower billet crank, NICE stage 2 heads, pistons, twin turbo headers, turbos, inlet pipe, downpipes, wastegates, entire dry sump system, entire liquid intercooler system, SII carb intake (just convert to EFI), SII front cover, valve covers, upper plenum, TA teflon coated cam bearings, gear drive, etc, etc.

Basically I want to use the motor that is all machined and ready to assemble in my next car, but I have most of what it takes for you to build another. Can also include a built TH400, 8" converter, driveshaft.

Shoot me a PM and let's make a deal.
Will make a deal and include:
NICE 153 on center stage ii block
NICE Crower billet 3.625" stroker crank
NICE stage ii heads, with new jesel rockers, new inconel & stainless valves, ready to run
Complete dry sump system
Complete liquid IC setup
Complete twin turbo setup ATR headers, TE-63's, inlet pipes, downpipes, wastegates, etc
MSD programmable boost controller w/CO2
Stage ii carb intake (can have it converted)
Dry sump pan
BMS front cover

You provide whatever rods and pistons you want to run, grab a cam and start racing.

$14,500 for car plus $9,000 for the parts. OBO
Oh no is right. Tired of dealing with flakes or folks whose wife says no! (Locals, not board guys) Hopefully it does alright on ebay. Lowered the reserve, which will hurt if it sells that low but I want it out of the garage so I can move on to other projects.

If possibly interested, feel free to watch it on ebay and throw out a bid. I can work with board guys for a little discount, help with shipping, etc.
Bump. $12,000.

This still includes the Weldon pump and filters, Aeromotive fuel pump controller, the Griffen radiator and dual fans, etc. Will also leave the scanmaster.

Will remove the harness (since it is non-stock anyhow), ECM, MSD boost controller w/ CO2, and the wideband, unless you want it. Need to move this car.
I should trade both my cars for this one with the stage motor. Assemble, park it in the garage, walk out there, and just shiver. Sit in the seat and curl up in the fetal position with my pecker playing turtle because i'm too scared to even start the damn thing lol.

Would sure impress my buddies though. "Yeah, i've never been down a dragstrip but I have a car capable of 8s". On second thought, nevermind. Probably shouldn't.

GWTRA style thread hijack over
Besides, the car ain't all that scary. Hell, I have another non-cage GN roller on it's way to my place and my complete SII is going in it. :) Probably using my ATR single turbo SII headers though and getting rid of the twins. Although twins do look pretty killer, so that is tempting...