1987 Grand National (in Windsor, ON Canada)


Oct 21, 2003
Well, after 15 years of ownership I am putting my Grand National up for sale.

The motor has never been opened and I have added the following upgrades:
GT6131E, 3" ATR d/p, 42lb, Walbro 340, Hotwire, RJC Powerplate, Adj fuel reg. SM 2.1, Turbo Tweak chip, Razor's Alky, Dutt neck, single disc Vig, 0 pump, 2800-3200 stall.

The car has Weld wheels on it and I will include a pair of ET Streets with about 30 runs on them. I do not have the originals.

Concert Sound II but most of the original speakers do not work. Headliner sags in the back but I might have it replaced if the local shop can fit me in.

I have 2 professional appraisals done, the last one was in 2012 and it was valued at $19K CDN.

I am asking $15,900 US. Located right across border from Detroit, MI.
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Car has 107,xxx km (67,000 miles) - only been driven 7,000 miles since 2007. Forgot to add that it does have a sunroof, tilt, cruise, power windows & locks, power antenna and power trunk release. Just added brand new battery.

I believe the sunroof was an aftermarket install. It was done by a previous owner. The VIN tag on the trunk lid does not list it with a CF5 option.
Interesting. Don't want to be a pain but is there any way to get a couple of pics of the sunroof area both inside and out??
Sure. Here you go.


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With having owned it for 15 years and now having sold it would be curious to hear what you are planning to replace it with ?