1987 Hardtop Grand National with 53,335 original miles!


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Dec 11, 2009
Up for sale is a 1987 Hardtop Grand National with 53,335 original miles! A few key points about the car is the fact that this was purchased from the original owner with 119 miles, since then it has been stored indoors and has never seen rain or snow. The car does have a few small modifications, all done by RJC Racing in Tooele, Utah. I'm selling this car for a friend, and through the past several months have become very familiar with it. I have been asked tons of questions about the car and it's integrity and throughout this process have found out just how solid the car truly is. Adult owned and NEVER raced, all original paint, interior, and stock un-opened motor. Car has power windows, Power Locks, remote passenger mirror, AC and Cruise Control. No Twilight sentinel. Here is a list of things that have been done to the car:
RJC Boost controller
RJC Deep sump oil pan
RJC Power Plate
RJC Biggie oil filter adapter
Fuel Pressure Regulator
SMC Alky kit
Hooker Dual Exhaust
K&N Filter

<No Hotwire Kit
<Stock Injectors
<Stock Turbo
<Stock Intercooler
<Stock Downpipe

The modifications that have been done can be completely reversed if you want to take it all back to stock, everything except the original exhaust will be included with the sale, including the original undrilled up pipe and original air box. I Have lots of detailed photos of the vehicle, photos that will show how clean and complete the interior is, the original lead seams in the body are intact and uncracked as seen in most Buicks. Original bumper fillers are perfect and intact, headliner is clean and tight, and the A-pillars where the hinges are located are perfect and intact as well. The owner is well respected in the Buick community here in Utah and would frequent summer get togethers. To make it clear, this car has not sat for years and years just to waste away, the seals are soft, the cam is not flat, and the control arm bushings are not heat soaked and cracked, not a raced vehicle. Some Question the mods that have been done to the vehicle, Jason at RJC installed everything as a preventative measure so nothing would break or wear prematurely, which preserved the dependability of the car. This is an awesome car! Feel free to ask any questions, calls and texts are best for me. I will respond to the posts as much as I can!
Located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Asking Price is $21,000.
Thanks for looking,
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That's one beautiful car. One question I have about it is if it's never seen a repaint why are the hood emblems missing?

I hope you get what you're asking for it to keep the value of our cars up that's for sure.

Best of luck with the sale!
Actually that's a great question on the emblems, we have them set aside with the other stock parts, but as far as why they were initially removed, I have no idea. I can provide close ups to whoever asks of the hood, you can see the outline of where they were. Definitely hasn't been painted. Probably the best idea, get new ones from kirbans, and just set the stock ones aside. We could do that for whoever asks too.

I know some people prefer a cleaner line on certain parts of their turbo Regals and remove the emblems. I've also heard they remove them to keep potential racing opponents guessing what's under the hood. Either way your car is absolutely gorgeous and am glad to see one like yours kept in such great shape. Again, best of luck with your sale. Hopefully a new owner will treat it as well as you have.

- Dean