1987 limited, FAST!


formerly turbo_canuck
Jul 18, 2001
1987 regal limited hardtop

First, I'll list the mods to this car:
- rebuilt 109: stock crank 10/10, and recon'd rods, forged .020 cp pistons, all balanced, billet center mains w/arp studs, dls 210/210 hydraulic roller cam and morel lifters, mildly ported stock heads with ferrea valves, t+d roller rockers, ta valve covers, hemco plenum, 60 lb injectors on stock fuel rail, stock tb, razors alky injection, ta-66 turbo from limit on stock headers, stretched slic, hurst line lock, all new brakes, converted to vacuum, stock computer with Tt chip. Hot wired walbro in the tank. 3" thdp to a 3" single shot ss exhaust.Trans is a fully built dyno tech th2004r with electric transbrake, 3400 stall 9" art Carr non lockup, deep sheet metal alum. Pan.
Inside there's a full compliment of 6 vdo gauges (oil press, caspers knock, water temp, volts, boost, rpm, fuel pressure) and a scan master.
- other parts I have include a new headliner, a new front bumper strip, bailey 2 step, maf translator, and a new cup holder from gbodyparts.

Car ran 11.68 in bowling green at 120 mph at only 17 lbs. boost, and no fine tuning done. Launched at 3-4 lbs boost, 1.75 60'.

- that was all the good stuff, now for the bad. Main issue is oil pressure started to drop at the end of the season. Not sure if its an oil pump issue, a bearing going south, or maybe something simple like a gasket or something. I simply have no time to pull the motor and rip it apart and investigate.

-body- paint is recent and looks nice, but wasn't exactly a high end job. Quarter windows and trims were taped off instead of removed, etc... Drivers side floor has some rust stArting, with one hole about an inch in diameter near the seam (see pic).

-interior- drivers power leather seat is cracked, and needs re-upholstered. Rest of seats are nice. Headliner is falling, but have a new one. Carpet is dirty, needs a good cleaning.

That's about it, if I think of anything else I'll add it later, or feel free to ask any questions. I have well over $12,000 invested in this car, don't have the time or money to get this car where it deserves to be. Asking $9000 negotiable, or I have a stock engine and trans I can drop in and I'd let the car go for 6700 firm.

Located near Montreal, Quebec Canada. I WILL NOT sell this car without the potential buyer looking at it in person first. Thank you!


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GLWS Fred. I talked to Fred about this car back in September. It's quite heavily optioned, and easily worth putting the time in to restore IMO. Sharp car. I'd love to have that color for a driver.
Hey...that's my old car!!! I sold it here in NYC around 2008 or so. I think I bought it in 2003 or so from Massachusettes. It was bone stock when I got it. Anyways, Im sure you can find the old listing here on TB.com somewhere. It looks quite a bit rougher than when I sold it, but it was a good car, and I drove it daily here in NYC for a long time. I sold it to a young kid in Massachusettes or Connecticut. I feared the worst, as he never returned my calls when I wanted to see how the car was doing.

I took alot of pride with this car, and I truly loved it. If you dont mind, could you PM or email me with any info on where you got it from. I would really appreciate that.
If any prospectve buyers have any questions about the car, feel free to email me direct and I'd be more than happy to talk.

I really loved that car, and it was a rare bird, indeed.

I rescued it from a guy who bought it on eBay a couple of years back. It saddened me to see it sitting outside in winters, and needed an engine rebuild when I got it.