1987 Regal T

Looks like a steal, they obviously don't realize 100% what it truely is. Depending on how bad the rust is on the rear fenders of it, might be easy to fix and have a cruiser or something for someone. Not near by it, but sure from pictures looks pretty nice.
It does need a new horn button cover though, but it's a digital dash chromed out package and it's not a limited which is really interesting in that exterior / interior color option along with the classic regal emblem badging behind the side pillar rear windows. Looks like a sleeper, with alittle minor work inside and on the outside it'd be even nicer.
Pretty good chance it was an early jan 87 build or late december 86 build based on the vin being alittle earlier than my 87 TR that ends in 428786 with a build date of jan 87 week 5.

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The car needs alot of work. . Not worth it IMO.. After getting all the interior trim which is missing, body work then paint.. The car was sold, then they put it back up for sale a week later..
If it runs pretty good and is mechanically sound, someone could over time take care of the cosmetic stuff. It just needs someone that knows TR's quite well and can financially give it a new lease on life.
It seems like it'd be a decent finish up type project that appears to be in a driveable condition.
Someone should save it and give it some TLC.

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Has anyone here look at this car or driven it? What do you think a good price would be to offer for this vehicle? What do you think it is worth in its current condition?