1987 Rosewood Limited Turbo (19k miles!!)

I'm sorry sir but we had to fail your inspection with the 3rd brake light being out.

I'm shocked no one has asked about how Rosey's 4 kids are.:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

I thought it was 5, power tool accident, perhaps? :p
Without Rosey the 4 would be useless.:eek:
Ya know, TJ had to realize this would be brought up with the kind of group on here. lol.


I was trying to be subtle......

It's Rosy palm and her 5 sisters.........

I'm not sure what Rosy plus 4 would even look like, other than a failed, disgruntled elementary school shop teachers hand..........:cool:

"Power tools can be dangerous, you kids take it from me!"

I've had a couple of offers at 32k.
That's a little short of where I need to be.
I've listed her on ebay also...https://www.ebay.com/itm/274026090477
First offer above 34k gets to take this beautiful lady home.
Car is absolutely stunning! Congrats to seller and new buyer, can’t go wrong here! Very, very, very nice car!!!

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Wheres the ignore button? I'm so butthurt that I'm not going to be owning it that I dont want to see this thread anymore! #trauma #sad

Haha, but for real, congrats to the new owner! (I'm still butthurt)