1987 Rosewood Limited Turbo (19k miles!!)


aka LuckysDad
Jan 26, 2015
Hello All,
I've decided to sell my MINT Rosewood 1987 Regal Limited Turbo (Rosey)
Rosey has just under 18,800 miles and just won a top award at the Buick East Coast Regionals.
Custom ordered new from the factory by Len & Bobbie Burrell of West Virginia complete with painted white pin stripes and reclining passenger seat for Bobbie's comfort.
I am the second owner, the Carfax shows three owners as the dealer that I bought it from titled it in their name.
This car is truly exceptional with original paint, interior and perfect headliner.
The A/C and all power accessories are fully functioning.
The tires are Eagle GT re-pops from 2017.

Work performed under my ownership:
Paint correction and sealed
Radiator and heater core re-cored by Dick's Radiator in Pottstown, PA
Replaced rear springs
Replaced plugs, wires, fuel filter, air filter.
Turbo Tweak Chip & 30lb injectors
Brake fluid flushed
Replaced Power-master switch, accumulator ball and proportioning block
Oil & filter change with Lucas High Zinc 10W-30
Transmission fluid and filter change
New floor mats and trunk carpet kit from G-Body Parts
Build Sheet and Window Sticker from GM Media Archives

Offered at $35,900
I have it consigned at my friend Tony Kasser's in West Chester, PA https://kassermg.com/listings/1987-buick-regal-turbo-t-limited/
He and/or I are happy to answer any questions or to show it any time.

Thanks for looking,

Jeff (tjsbeer)


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I saw this baby online , cherry !!!!, fair price for that rare of a car in that condition GLWS
only color paint the should have that color of interior in IMOP bc I love the blue interior on white cars
I saw this baby online , cherry !!!!, fair price for that rare of a car in that condition GLWS
only color paint the should have that color of interior in IMOP bc I love the blue interior on white cars

#Me Too...... ;)
This car really caught my attention yesterday at Cecil. Very nice! GLWS!
sorry TJ its hard for us not to comment on such a beautiful outstanding car , I know I can't resist ! :)
I wonder if the late great Gary Wells would have been all over this. I know he loved the cherry T's and I think he was looking for another.

Gary was always a white on maroon guy. Even bought his own car back at a loss to him......:oops:

RIP, Gary!

GLWS OP, super cool and clean car!