1987 Rosewood Turbo Regal - originally CT State Police Vehicle


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==> 11/24/18 Price reduced from $11,900 to $10,900

For sale - Originally CT State Police vehicle.
I bought this 87 Rosewood Turbo Regal this past July.
I was told that it sat for about 10 years.
My plan was to get it running properly, get the brakes working, and continue working on it over this Winter,
maybe make some track visits in 2019,and eventually sell it.
I’ve now got it running great, and have been driving it quite a bit the past month.
While working on the car the past few months, I’ve realized that I just can’t do the work on cars any more,
as I could when I was younger. I’ll be 75 in March - I just want to enjoy my unrestored/survivor 87 GN that I purchased new.
No more projects for me.

Replaced since I acquired it:
Fuel filter (fuel pump replaced just before I bought it)
Powermaster - complete
Rotors, calipers, pads, hoses
Rear shoes, wheel cylinders, hardware
Coil pack
Spark plugs
Plug wires
Exhaust - it’s probably for a Monte Carlo - hoping to have the tail pipes correctly bent/cut next week, for correct look.
New Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring 225 60 15
Mileage 97,700
Asking $10,900

Car is registered and drives very nicely.
Location is Fishkill, NY

If anyone is interested, please PM me. C309CE69-DB08-4706-9AC3-2AEA089AA1A5.jpegC1C59B5D-1736-45F4-97A9-A6523AF08D73.jpeg01BA67B9-88F6-4448-AA44-1775CC091CCF.jpeg2CD4158A-4570-40D7-856D-6768BD50EA97.jpegC309CE69-DB08-4706-9AC3-2AEA089AA1A5.jpegC1C59B5D-1736-45F4-97A9-A6523AF08D73.jpeg01BA67B9-88F6-4448-AA44-1775CC091CCF.jpeg2CD4158A-4570-40D7-856D-6768BD50EA97.jpeg168FA2DA-BBC9-4D60-9CAF-42E1334FF872.jpeg54D4801E-55A5-4E95-BFC4-F7D4B73B9AC1.jpeg36A2DB61-B870-45EC-8EF5-8C5874438E04.jpeg55A691C1-518B-47AA-84B9-FF6A68BF2168.jpeg4343A03F-4207-473E-A5D9-219EB2DAA92F.jpeg90D46819-3BC2-4ED0-980F-08CB981C2299.jpeg168FA2DA-BBC9-4D60-9CAF-42E1334FF872.jpegC309CE69-DB08-4706-9AC3-2AEA089AA1A5.jpegC1C59B5D-1736-45F4-97A9-A6523AF08D73.jpeg01BA67B9-88F6-4448-AA44-1775CC091CCF.jpeg2CD4158A-4570-40D7-856D-6768BD50EA97.jpeg168FA2DA-BBC9-4D60-9CAF-42E1334FF872.jpeg54D4801E-55A5-4E95-BFC4-F7D4B73B9AC1.jpeg36A2DB61-B870-45EC-8EF5-8C5874438E04.jpeg55A691C1-518B-47AA-84B9-FF6A68BF2168.jpeg4343A03F-4207-473E-A5D9-219EB2DAA92F.jpeg90D46819-3BC2-4ED0-980F-08CB981C2299.jpeg