1987 T-Type-Hartline Motor


Jr Boosted
1987 Buick T Type
Around 120K on the clock, with last 20K being on rebuilt motor by Cal Hartline’s Shop in Florida. I bought from owner who had the car done in florida when he lived close to Cal's shop.

Motor was pulled and rebuilt by Cals shop. Mods include:
JE Piston and Rings
HV Oil Pump
HV Timing Cover
Double Rollmaster Chain
Champion Iron Heads-Ported-Setup for Roller Cam
Champion Iron Intake-Ported
Chrome Moly push rods
206 roller cam kit
RJC Plate
62MM Ported/polished TB and matched upper plenum
Motor included new mains, seals, ARP headbolts and ARPmain bolts, cam bearings, rod bearings and main bearings.
50lb injectors
Walbro 340 hotwired
Accufab AFPR
New SS Front fuel lines
Stock Intercooler-Duttweiler neck available for intercooler-Needs installed.
PT52 Turbo
Terry Houston Down Pipe 3" SS
3" SS ATR Crossflow exhaust
3" SS Dump pipe
3" DMH electric cutout-custom switch plate in ashtray location to control
160Deg Stat
ATR Cold air kit
9" K&N filter
Maf Translater
Accel Plug Wires
3" SS hard maf pipe
High Torque clamps throughout
Torque Strap
Razors Progressive Alky Kit
Turbotweak 50lb street chip, and Turbotweak alky chip
Autometer Phantom 2 5/8 Hood Mount Fuel Pressure Gauge
Autometer Phantom 2 1/16 Oil Pressure Gauge
VDO Boost Gauge mounted in a pillar
Scanmaster 2.1
Pats 10" 3400 Stall Lock Up Converter
High Performance Built 200R4 Transmission. Built for low 10's high 9's. With stage right transbrake setup, huge servo, extra clutches throughout.

Custom Built Heavy Duty tranny mount
Heavy Duty External Tranny Cooler 30,000 GVW Rating

Car had gone high 11's on 2# boost launch footing it with weak converter at the time, stock intercooler on 22PSI boost. Car has alot more in it. With tranny and converter correct now and someone upgrading the intercooler, this car could be a mid to low 11's car. Front Mount would really help this car. Higher boost launch using the transbrake is worth better times and well.

Car is black exterior. Told it was painted around 5-7 years ago. Looked to be originally a metallic blue color before repaint. Typical scratches for use. Car was not a garage queen, it was driven. Car needs doors fixed or replaced. Driver not bad...fixable, passenger has a large dent...replace most likely. Rear quarters are straight with no rust. Rear drivers floor has some rust coming through. That is only rust on body I am aware of. Lower rockers both side have paint peeling in a few spots.

Interior is blue. Shows wear of car this age. Could use new carpet to make it look really nice. Headliner perfect. Rear seat very nice. Fronts show some wear.

Car is a T Top car. Power windows/locks. Setup for cruise, but removed. Could be reinstalled. AC/Heat removed. No heat/ac box. Firewall cover installed where box was. AC delete pulley installed. Alpine CD Player. Concert Stereo.

Car rolls on Weld racing hopster rims.
15x4 fronts with like new tires
15X8 rears with BFG 275/60/r15 drag radials. Tread pattern still shows on the edges...more life left to them.

Car runs and drives nice. Very streetable with plenty of power to boot. Everything works/worked. Very powerful!

I have receipts from previous owner showing work and amount invested with Cal’s shop. Since I have bought the car I have put the wheels on it, built tranny and converter, alky kit and some odds and ends and got it tuned. Receipts I have show over $8500 from Cal’s work alone! Then I have my investments in the car as well. My asking price is $8500 on the car. May have some stock parts and or leftover odds and ends that can go with the car. Possibly have a set of doors I could make part of the deal also if the price is right. Car carries a clean title. VIN is a reassigned VIN from the state of florida from the owner before the one I bought from. Something to do with a insurance claim that went sour. Car had a VIN reassigned. No damage to car ever. No show car by any means, this car was built for performance in mind. If your looking for a show car, this isn’t the car without some time and money invested in body and paint. Could use some new weatherseals as well.

Pics available, just PM or email request. Lets Deal!


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Have a carfax to anyone interested. This shows me being the 3rd owner of this car. VIN reassignment occured with original owner in florida. Shows this on the report.

i can send lots of pics to anyone interested. i have interior shots i can send as well. just give me your email address to send to.

I found that i was making this into a weekend warrior/strip/toy car more than anything. and heat/ac was just something i didn't want anymore...not to mention the room it opened up under the hood. i have sold off most of the ac parts, just have a few things still laying around. it could always be put back in if someone really wanted it.
thanks.....it will make someone a nice car to buy and put some finishing touches on to have a fun weekend/strip car.