1987 Turbo T Regal D-84 "Designer Scheme" 44,000 Orig Miles


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FOR SALE – 1987 Turbo T Regal (D-84 “Designer Scheme) 44,869 Miles

I'm the 2nd owner of a 87 Buick Turbo T Regal (D-84 two-tone “designer” paint scheme) with 44,869 original miles who is looking to sell the car to an individual who will appreciate and maintain the car in a similar fashion to the way I have attempted to keep it since new.

The original owner (Canadian car) ordered it specifically with the chrome trim and two-tone “designer” scheme to be a street sleeper (a wolf in sheep's clothing look, if you will). I’ve owned Turbo Regals for the past 24 years and only deal with well treated cars. I’m in constant contact with the original owner to this day. I have the window sticker and the car has been very well cared for its entire life.

As already noted it’s a two-tone (gray over silver), D-84 Turbo-T and very well optioned. The only options I can find it doesn’t have are; digital dash (good thing), twilight sentinel, opera lamps, cornering lamps and trunk kit. Other than that it’s fully loaded including optional T roof. The original owner specifically ordered this car to be a sleeper and shortly after delivery invested $8,000+ in engine upgrades to make the car into a real monster.

The performance upgrades are as follows:

John Craig TE-45 Turbo, Seimens 55 lb. injectors, Mark Jackson (17 row) stock location intercooler, Houston SS 3" downpipe, straight pipe with dump, HD waste gate actuator rod, full 3” stainless steel exhaust with stainless 3” ID/OD Pit Bull mufflers, Translator Plus MAF (Mike Licht chip), Aluminum radiator (3 row), 160 stat, manual and auto activated electric fans, hidden torque converter lock-up switch, Cross-drilled front brake rotors, Direct Scan (computer included), 210/205 Reed cam (flat tappet), forged pistons(.030 over), steel (center two) main caps, KB oil booster plate, Kirban body brace struts (trunk), hot wired Walbro 340 fuel pump, Twin rear Air bags, BF Goodrich Drag Radials.


GNX replica dash (VDO gauges) w/160 MPH speedometer, full compliment of body mount (donut) cushions, upgraded (color coordinated) GM Delco AM/FM/CD radio (w/factory 6 speaker sound system “Concert Sound II”), factory Designer Paint Scheme (D-84 option), recently replaced Powermaster brake unit (brand new, not a remanufacture unit), Powermaster motor replacement included w/sale).

I have ALL original parts for the car including the original dash which records 9,3xx K/m as well as many spare GM parts.

OPTIONS: D-84 “Designer Paint”, T-Tops, G-80 limited slip differential, power windows, power locks, power trunk, power seat, cruise control, 6 speaker factory sound system (Concert Sound II), tilt, delay wipers, power seat, (Pontiac) CD player, remote passenger mirror, power antenna, rear window defog, stainless factory door sill panels, door edge guards and body side moldings.

ADDITIONS: It didn’t take long for the Eagle GT II tires on the rears to melt away. I added BF Goodrich Street Drag radials to keep the rear end stuck to the ground. Shortly after purchase I opened up the exhaust from the downpipe back. I removed the 2 ½” exhaust and replaced it with a full 3” stainless dual exhaust with Cat Con cutout with removable cap and full 3” stainless Pit Bull mufflers. It also has a manual switch to activate electric fans and a switch to manually activate lock-up torque converter.

PROS: As seen above the car has had $8,000+ worth of engine upgrades along with exhaust upgrades. According to the previous owner it put down 476 RWHP on a chassis dyno with the option to up that to 600+RWHP with an aggressive tune and high octane fuel. Unknown what the torque curve was but anyone who knows the LC2, its torque curve is much higher than the HP. With the Eagle GT+4s it would break the tires loose at 50mph on a cool day, 40mph on warm MI days. Factory original “Designer Series” paint.

CONS: Unfortunately the transmission was not upgraded to tolerate the torque and power. According to the previous owner it lost 2nd gear in 1998 and he had it repaired. After installing the drag radials it’s lost 2nd gear again early this year. The Powermaster brake unit seems to be temperamental. I have another unit to install that will come with the car. The transmission shifter cable needs to be readjusted; you need to put the shifter into park hard for it to stick. Over last winter I had the hood up and a charger on the battery to keep it charged. The hood fell with the extension cord entering into the car up by the nose and since it was below zero the nose piece was brittle. It took a 1 ½” chip out of the front fascia that I glued back into place. After 27 years the factory head liner came down, I removed it all myself and needs a replacement (appox cost $160). I was battling with a high boost “cut out” problem for some time and was able to diagnose it down to lack of venting into the gas tank, plugged charcoal canister line at the gas tank and faulty wiring for the “hot wire” at the fuel pump. The wiring has been repaired. The vent line is still plugged and I run with the gas cap loose to allow venting which seems to alleviate the problem.

This is a non smoker’s car that has always been winter stored. This car has rarely seen rain let alone anything else.

The car is ULTRA clean and I’d prefer not to part with it. I’ve been a member of this board for over a decade and sold multiple cars on this forum and they’ve all been what I described (a few of which I’d like to get back). The car requires at least a Stage I transmission to get it fully street worthy. It is drivable as is, but goes from 1st to 3rd gear and skips 2nd.

With the issues in mind as outlined above I’m offering this car for $15,500 OBO. IMHO the car should be listed for at least $18,000 considering it’s condition and cost of engine upgrades, but since it needs a transmission repair or replacement along with a head liner I’ve lowered it by the cost of those repairs.

Please, only serious inquires and offers only.

Videos and photos below:

Photos will be uploaded tomorrow.....
For TB.com sake You know im going to try and find an incorrect emblem placement wrong horn button color. Incorrect tire pressure, and or wrong or aftermarket center caps we all know you are the emblem police here. So i'll see what i can find. :ROFLMAO: just pullin your leg nice car love the Designer Paint! GLWS
Nothing like busting my balls!

It's all good. I challenge anyone to find anything non-factory on this car, other than the tires, engine upgrades and Pontiac CD player. In fact one thing I forgot to mention was the trunk was repainted by the dealer under warranty. The original owner said he had it at his dealer for service work and the technician placed his brake fluid laden hand on the trunk lid and they had to re-squirt it. When I bought it the "3.8 SFI TURBO" emblem on the deck lid was not correctly measured....I fixed it. It's now where GM originally put it. Everything else GM installed at the factory. Yea...I'm weird. :)
Yes, it was originally owned by a gentleman in Toronto, CA.

I'm located near Clarkston MI, about 25 minutes N/W of Pontiac.
Another video:

Clear Lenses Front View.JPG
In Garage June, 5 2013.jpg
Did'nt this car come from Toronto?

You've got a good eye and memory sir . I am the original owner of this car from its delivery to the dealer in 1987 until March of 2013. Feel free to contact me if you would like any info re: its history in Toronto.
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Car no longer for sale. Transmission, headliner and A/C will be repaired and it'll be re-listed with an appropriately increased price.
Car no longer for sale. Transmission, headliner and A/C will be repaired and it'll be re-listed with an appropriately increased price.

You may have better luck selling it when the weather warms up a bit. It is indeed a nice Turbo-T, and I would LOVE to take a shot at making a deal on it, but before I would even remotely attempt to make the trip up there from the south, I would want to make sure the weather is nice enough to properly check the car out from all angles.
Yes, you're absolutely right. I knew it was a bad time to sell but I took a chance. Once the weather breaks I'll have all the issues fixed and I already have the capital to do so.
I've entertained the thought of letting go of my M5 and actually have a guy pickin' at me about it. Only time will tell which direction I'll go next, meanwhile, I'll keep an eye on your progress. ;-)