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OK. Now on my third 1987 Turbo Buick, and I've been doing a lot of reading lately since purchasing this last Turbo T Limited, both previous cars were GNs, the first, new, and these last two used. I have read in old magazine articles that these Buicks had "traction control," I've never heard of this before. Was it just that the wastegate bleeder solenoid wasn't operated at low speeds, limiting the boost, or was/is there an actual traction control setup? There are no wheel speed sensors, so how would that work anyway??
Pardon my possible ignorance, but I'm an engine and suspension guy, not a computer nerd.
Magazine hype?
Turbo lag?
Wishful thinking?
My lack of paying attention?
In my defense, I have replumbed the wastegate port to the upper plenum, threaded the wastegate rod for an adjustable end, and deleted the boost solenoid within MINUTES of purchase of all three of my Buicks. Yup, even the first new one.