I always react with "Tell me more" and then shut them down with "Really, no way You have been SO lied to!".....Sarcasm is my middle name..... :)
Non car people at car shows are so gullible.

'Yes, this Vega ran 11's on the stock motor back in the day."......... Cuz it's a Cosworth.

Bone Head - "Really? Cooooool!"

I'm glad they come to car shows, though. Keeps shows alive.
How big is yer cam?
It's the new modular style, its much bigger than a normal roller cam.
You have slide the cam blank in the engine,
then the lobes bolt on, cause they are too tall to fit in thru the bearings like a smaller regular cam. Only General Kinetics still makes them.
Real old guys go; "wow! didn't know they were still in business! I had one of their 30-30 cams in the 301 in my 55 Chebbie."
I don't use that until after about six dumb questions or statements.