1988 Olds Cutlass Turbo LS

Tom Kelly

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Last year I installed a wideband A/F sensor and a powerlogger in my 86. This year I am finding it invaluable for tuning but I just realized that it makes it easy to determine the 0-60 mph times as well. "I just load a file and then look at the elapsed time between the last "0 mph" and the first "60 mph" and voila the difference is the 0-60 time. I always wondered what it was and now see it clear as day. Although I haven't had the chance to log any full quarter mile times I have a couple of 0-70 runs so far. The best 0-60 mph time in the bunch is 4.25 seconds. I thought that was blazing speed until I looked up a list on google. Not even among the top 100. Ouch but still not bad for a 34 year old classic.