1989 turbo Notchback Mustang 56,000 org. miles!

Last Bump before Im done let me know guys Had some nice offers but no one is following threw with any thing :(
One last bump I plan to get it ready to race this weekend so last week for trade offers Really all I have to do is drain the coolant out put water in it and quick Oil change so ya off racing this weekend maybe :)
Put her on ebay see item # 122592548082

last try then its just going into Permanent storage for a while.
Still looking for a nice trade for a GN OR Turbo T But I put it on egay again as its the only place that seems to be generating any interest all be most of them are tire kickers :(
See ebay item # 112490468312 Super nice car I just have no time for racing let alone working on cars right now. Just looking for some thing fun to drive to Cruise nights or tear up the back 40 :)
6 poinr bar wolfe swaybar simmon 17 wheels


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Nice shoot me some info on it to my Cell with some other photos Might Be interested in trade, Do have a guy supposedly coming with cash Sunday or early next week but who knows I have heard this about 20 times and then they never show up :(
ON EBAY AGAIN! ITEM # 182814472047 BID TO WIN!
This is auction style with a very low reserve