1990 Mustang GT, 9k original miles, supercharged forged 331 Stroker


May 17, 2004
Let they this again. Asking $17000. Below are the details of the vehicle.
We'll thinking of selling my 1990 Mustang GT, I have had this car for a little over a year. It had 8400 miles when I purchased it. Now it has approx 9200 miles. I am the third owner. Second owner spent over $17000 in upgrades on this car not including the car! It is a titanium frost 25th anniversary power delete car. The options are leather and premium sound. I will list a brief overview of the parts in this beauty. This is a rare power delete car with manual windows, manual locks, no rear defrost, no trunk electric popper, no arm rest. Very few GT's made in this configuration. The miles are the total miles on the chassis, interior, all of the speed/ power parts have less than 2500 miles on them. This is the second listing, I've had tons of interest in this car but no serious offers or bids. The reserve is set to reflect what I've seen car sell for that do not have this time or money invested.

331 zero balance motor
Mexican block
Machined for roller components
Trick flow highport heads(I have flow sheets)
Stud mount roller rockers
Trick flow Track heat intake
Custom cam (have spec sheet)
Tremec. Trans 5 speed
Ram clutch
Aluminum driveshaft
5 lug conversion
FR500 wheels staggered big lip in rear 17x10 and 17x8
Vortech S trim with front mount intercooler
PMS series 4 ems
Full steeda suspension
Most parts installed by steeda in Pompano, FL
Gss340 in tank pump
Gsl392 inline pump
Trick flow fuel rails
Trick flow fuel pressure regulator
42lb/hr FMS "green top" injectors
Pro M 80mm with bolt on filter
Anderson Powerpipe
Both fuel pumps hot wired thru relays with bigger awg wire to gain voltage and reduce amps pulled
Powermaster 200amp alternator with upgraded wiring
Optima red top battery
Summit strip/street CDI digital ignition box with rev limiter
Anderson Ford PMS series iv with 3 bar map sensor
AEM wideband and auto meter boost gauge in A pillar dual pod
Trickflow highport headers ceramic coated
Pypes x pipe
2.5" custom rear section to flow master mufflers
Accufab 90mm throttle body and EGR spacer
3" piping from charger to throttle body through 4" 1500cfm front mount intercooler
At 10 psi AIT's only 10 degrees above ambient
Cold working A/C, working cruise control, manual windows, manual locks, rare optioned
31 spline axles, auburn carrier
Steeda adjustable upper control arms
Steeda weight jacker adjustable lower control arms
Steeda "blue" lowering springs
Steeda camber/caster plates
Tokico D-spec full adjustable struts and shocks
UPR welded sub frame connectors
Moroso catch can thru valve cover EVAC system
Accel coil
Accel 9000 ceramic wires
MSD TFI distributor
Raptor shift lite
Fluidyne all aluminum radiator
Black magic electric fan with manual override
Energy suspension motor and trans mounts
RAM heavy duty clutch
3.73 rear gears
FMS aluminum drive shaft
Steeda shifter
Steeda adjustable aluminum adjustable clutch quadrant cable
Phenolic intake spacer
4340 forged eagle crank
Cat balancer
Forged eagle H beam rods
JE forged pistons
Comp cams 224/232 .556 .566 on 112
All ARP studs and bolts
Moroso 7 quart oil pan
ERP water pump

Car made 455hp at 7psi at 5k. It was blowing out spark because of weak charging system and weak wires. Changed wires and added new alternator and upped boost to 10 psi. Definitely over 500rwhp now. Pulls hard to redline and will max out MAF at 1700kg/hr. Just rolling in 3rd and go WOT at 4000 it will blow the rears up in smoke.

These items will also come with the car.....
Anderson n/a 4" power pipe
Pmas air meter with filter cal'ed for 36lb injectors
8 fast 36lb/hr fuel injectors
Power master 140 amp alternator
Screaming demon coil
Live wires plug wires
6" and 7" crank blower pullies
Under drive pulley set
3 different 8 rib blower pulleys
It is on ebay now if any one is interested.
For those interested I'm also selling an 87 Turbo T in the Buick cars for sale section. Trying to raise capital to build a house thanks for your interest.
I guess I spoke too soon, they guy does not have all the funds and another story too sell me. Back on the market!!
Good luck with the sale.

Looks like no expense was spared and those high ports are hard to come by.

Nice to see someone like me. A Turbo Regal and Fox in the Garage.

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I appreciate the comments! I have since lowered the price to $14k bottom dollars. Still there are to many "tire kickers" out there. At 14 I'm giving the car away. People still either don't have the cash or will not part with it unless they can steal it. Thanks again.
You're welcome. I'm sure you understand when I say "everyone wants a Foxbody." Problem is, no one wants to drop the coin because it's "just Mustang."

The are very special cars much like nice Buicks when you find them in the shape ours are in.

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I'm not opposed to trades up or down on this. Doesn't have to be a muscle car. Of course I don't need any 4 wheelers, Harley's, boats, dirt bikes or animals!!
I'm not opposed to trades up or down on this. Doesn't have to be a muscle car. Of course I don't need any 4 wheelers, Harley's, boats, dirt bikes or animals!!

How Bout kids.. I don't have any, but I could find a few. Lol

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I am very interested, what is your reserve price. I thought I saw it on Ebay sell for around $14,600.00?