1991 CORVETTE Hardtop!86k miles FOR SALE $6500


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954-850-5429 Mark
This vette has a salvage title and is for racing or project only
The car has always been in a covered garage and never sat outside

Car was in a lower garage and only saw water to the bottom of doors..from excessive rain overflow
and the car was written off by the ins company...
---Zero damage anywhere inside or outside of this car....
White in Black leather
Electronic suspension works perfect
Everything works in the car including the a/c which blows ice cold
Compression is perfect in all cylinders

I ran the car to 160 mph with zero issues and wind noise
Body fiberglass is perfect and tires are only 6 months old

GOOD NEWS- This is a perfect car for someone looking for the ultimate weekend project or race car

With a few mods and maybe nitrous a car like this can run easy low 11's and still ride and drive and handle like the vette it is....