1993 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 (modded). Trade for Clean T-type or GN


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Been wanting to join the Regal community for some time now so I am seeing if there would be any interest in my pride and joy. The car is a true street/strip car. Has a decent headunit with cd player/mp3 player and Sony speakers front and back. Chassis has around 156k miles (ZERO RUST) but everything has been replaced on it. I began a weight reduction binge with the car but luckily stopped short. Only things removed was the a/c, front sway bar, front bumper support, sound deadening and rear seats. I can install a bumper support if the buyer prefers. Only thing is the car is somewhat loud inside because of the lack of sound deadening and rear seats. The car was street tuned (currently has a nitrous tune/tune-up but will include another tune as well). Keep in mind that I am not desperate to sell the car and not a PENNY was spared on it. I am looking to trade for a CLEAN (rust-free) modified T-type or stock Grand National. No need to get into value here, we all know how much go-fast parts cost and we can all appreciate a clean/well built car regardless of make and model.

Here is what's done to the car:

Engine (short block was freshened up about four years ago and has under 20k miles). The top-end was bought new and installed two years ago due to a blown head gasket and the stock head being warped as a result):

-Rebuilt LT1 (bored .030 over). Everything was checked and is in spec, new bearings, rod bolts, rings, freeze plugs, etc. were installed. Just a basic rebuild but no corners were cut.
-DART PRO 1 cylinder heads (Manley 2.02/1.60 race flow valves)
-matched valve springs
-10* locks
-Scorpion 1.6 NSA rockers with guideplates
-Hardened pushrods
-ARP 12pt head bolts
-Meziere electric water pump
-GM .029 headgaskets
-Canton Fabricated valve covers
-LS1 LID/intake conversion

Transmission (TH350 swap done right - speedometer works):

-Rebuilt TH350 (FVB) with shift kit
-B&M Pro ratchet shifter
-UMI transmission crossmember
-Trans-Spec 10" 3700 stall Nitrous converter (spragless with dual anti-ballooning plates) custom built for this LT1/TH350 swap
-Custom driveshaft
-B&M 28,000 GVW cooler
-Earl's A/N fittings and high pressure/temp push-loc hose
-Trans pan is currently leaking from the drain plug but I will buy and install a new pan upon sale


-UMI subframe connectors
-UMI adjustable Lower control arms
-UMI panhard bar
-UMI LCA relocation brackets TIG welded in
-Comp Engineering rear adjustable drag shocks
-Jegster adjustable torque arm
-TA girdle
-ARP carrier bearing cap studs
-Auburn posi
-3.42 gears (will include 4.10's as well)


-Nitrous Outlet Plate kit
-Nitrous Outlet 45* high flow valve
-NOS pressure gauge
-NANO NITROUS 3000psi push system
-NOS purge
-WOT switch
-NX window switch
-Custom blowdown tube with braided line and bulkhead connector through the floor
-Custom hard-lines from solenoids to plate


-MSD cap and rotor
-MSD 8.5mm wires
-NGK BR7EF non-projected tip plugs gapped @ .036
-MSD digital-6
-2 CPU fans installed in glove box (where ignition box and window switch are located). One fan pulls and the other pushes. Keeps everything pretty cool in there.
-Brand new oem coil
-FIC custom 36lb injectors (Bosch III design)
-255lph fuel pump
-Racetronix hotwire kit
-Converted to 94+ OBD1 pcm and maf for tuning simplicity


-Jethot ceramic coated longtube headers
-custom built 3" x-pipe (built by Ray at Prospect Mufflers)
-Moroso Spiral Flow mufflers with turndowns (right before the axle)
-Bling bling ARP stainless steel 12pt header bolts


-Car was repainted about 4 years ago
-VFN Sunoco 3" hood
-OEM C5 ZO6 wheels (17x9.5 and 18x10.5)
-275/40/17 BFG tires up front with approx. 75% tread life
-295/35/18 BFG gforce drag radials out back with some life left but not much
-Car also comes with a pair of WELD Draglites (15x10 with 28x10.5 MT ET Drags (stiff sidewall)
-RS rear valence and wing
-Tinted tail light covers


-Paint has some imperfections (a small chip on the hood, 2 cracks on the front bumper cover and a few other random things - overall looks nice though)
-Passenger side window motor needs replacement
-Car has no dash pad, but I will GLADLY purchase a brand new unit and install it if there is a serious buyer.
-Tint on the windows is showing it's age.

I am located in South Florida and would really like to see the car go to an enthusiast that will drive and enjoy it. It currently just sits in storage and does not get driven. In the last two years it has seen the track once, the dyno once and under 2,000 miles total. I start her up and take her up and down the block once a month or so, but it should be enjoyed more than that. I just don't have the time anymore. Sorry for the long post, I am just trying to be as descriptive and accurate as possible for anyone that is interested.











Mocking up the nano kit (looks a lot nicer now):
(as of today - 11/10/11) Quickly washed it, did a compound and wax job (compound by hand and wax aided by random orbital). You can see in the pictures the cracked front clip I was talking about and the chip on the hood. This car with a 3 step detail using a dual action WOULD LOOK AMAZING (polish/compound, glaze and wax). I will eventually get around to doing it.


(Can see the cracks here, one on each side of the grill) ^^^^




(You can see a small white chip on the hood here and a small scuff line following it down)^^^


These were taken with my phone so they are not the best quality but should suffice
BUMP! Just acquired a 4.10 rear with TA girdle and UMI LCA relocation brackets (powder coated red). Stripping down the entire rear and laying some primer on it and three coats of Hammered black paint. Will look great when it's done!

I am also including a spare (working condition) 3.42 rear with uni relocation brackets. This is the rear that is currently on the car but I am putting in the 4.10 rear when I am done painting it.

So, car comes with two rears. Can never have too many 10-bolts :p

Will sell outright for $7,000 or trade for a nice Turbo Regal, GN, etc