1st Kill on the new set up a new Mustang 5.0 vs 1986 GN


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Sep 28, 2001
I so wished I could have gotten video on this but I was driving solo. On the way back home yesterday from the office I decided to take the scenic route lol the long way around if you will.

As I was crossing under the Interstate on the blvd, there comes a nice looking black 5.0 looked brand new with shiny black wheels and dark tint, the car really looked sharp. HRP Racing sticker on the qtr glass.

Caught the light red so I moved over to the left lane that was open, he was in the middle lane but one car back. When the light went green I stood on it a little bit, the rear got a little loose and that was enough to get his attention if I didn't have it already?

He came around the car and caught up with me we were doing about 30-35 mph with open road in front of us he shot me a rev and that was all I needed I slammed it in low hammered it we were only side by side for a moment, I started pulling him by the time I hit second I had a car length or two and by third gear it was 4-5 lengths. I ran off and left him.

Setting at the next light just for a moment he catches up and throws me another rev but he won't look over at me I'm just laughing my ass off. We go through the light and he turns around and continue home.

Next up looking for a new Camaro SS. lol