1st T-Link "run" on new install


Hi All,

I finally got my S10 ('87 GN powered) up and running, and have some ECM issues for you "gurus" to ponder on:

1. shows continuous "knock counts" of 45-60, Casper gauge show nothing.

2. continually shows 0 on "IAC counts" (tried adjusting throttle stop to no avail). Is the ECM commanding 0 or is the motor shot?

3. shows "TCC" on at all times (even in park).

4. shows "P/N" switch on at all times (no matter what gear).

Codes showing on this run: 34, 35, 41, 42, 44, 54, 55, but some come and go. Grounds have been checked and are good. This is a Lubrant red-stripe chip with unknown parameters (bought second hand).

Go to the Numeric mode ... look in the ECM status parameter down in the right hand lower part of the screen. Does it say BKUP or ALDL or something? I'm wondering if the ECM is in the wrong mode.

Can you email me a couple of recorded files? I'll look through them and maybe we can see if something is amiss?

Drop me some direct email and we'll start troubleshooting...

I replaced my Lubrant chip with a Jay Carter and all of my mysterious ECM problems vanished. Ken had mentioned that the problems may have been due to the addition of a "Scanmaster fast data" patch, which the new chip does NOT have. If your ECM is spitting out bogus data, this could be the cause...