2-3 flare HELP??



Rebuilt the tranny about 4K ago with all the best upgrades. Tranny shifts fine under normal driving conditions and barks 2nd gear under WOT. I have small 3rd gear flare though. I talked to a local TR tranny guru about it and recommended to remove the springs completely from the 4th and 2nd gear accumulator. Then put shims on both sides. This, he states, will provided more pressure to 3rd gear because the metal ring in the 4th and 2nd gear accumulators will not float. Has anyone done this? He also mention to take out the servo return spring to allow the 3rd gear band to hit sooner? Do you think I can get rid of that 2-3 gear flare with these mods??? Thanks in advance..

pt51, THDP, 3000 stall, 009's, V4, 24# with Alky and 93, Nitto DR,
1.2 degrees of knock MAX from 1-2 shift. Love that Alky!
Times... TBD until I figure out 3rd gear flare???
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