1987 Buick Grand National


I have for sale my 1987 Buick Grand National. As some may remember from last summer I had a TA motor in this, that I sold the motor out of. The car is set up for that TA motor. It now has a stock motor that was freshly rebuilt. It has been run on the dyno only and from street where came off the transport to my garage. This car has a lot of money and parts in it. Most of this stuff has been put on in the last 7yrs , and has nearly no run time on it as it has been in and out of shops for the ta motor and the current motor after the TA motor died on me . I have a much bigger list of what is all on it to potential buyers. I will concentrate on highlights here. It dyno’d 416hp and 476 tq on a mustang dyno at 22psi. This was on pump gas with an alky control setup. We didn’t try to up the boost from this number.

The car has 55xxx miles on the odometer, original NC car. I am the 3rd owner. 2nd owner bought around 02/03 with 42k on it and it had about 46k when I bought it. I purchased it in oct 2010.

This is a digital dash car with the 199mph mod from caspers
I have new highway star seat covers (exclusive material) and door panels in the car. The front door upper panels have not been installed, but are included. I have the turbo6 embroid. headrests that need to be installed yet as well. They have the matching covers on them.
3 guage pod, will come with a brand new 2 guage pod as the top guage in the 3 pod is no longer hooked to anything; so the 2 guage will allow it to be eliminated
Autometer comp guages, will come with a 3.5’ holley touch screen that isn’t installed

fresh build from Dons Auto Parts and Machine Shop in Kenosha, WI
New harland sharp roller rockers 1.55
New Bison 212/212 roller cam
New Johnson lifters
New push rods
New je forged pistons
New Arp head studs
I have the receipt for more details, just the new parts highlights

Engine misc
3” down pipe not sure of brand it came with the TA motor from cruz
TA race headers with precision wastegate
ATR 2.5” pitbull exhaust
New Billet TE60 turbo from bison, 2022
Co2 in the trunk
Controlling boost with the Holley

Holley dominator
Holley smart coils
Innovative billet double pumper with (2) DW 300 pumps
-8AN feed
-6an return
160lb Holley injectors
Holley 3.5 bar map sensor
The small cruz dual feed rails
remote fuel pressure reg

Hr parts upper adj control arms in rear
Hr parts fixed lowers in the rear
BMR sway bar
custom 3” drive shat with a 1350 to 3r ujoint
TA parts girdle for rearend
Moser 28 spline c clip axles
QA1 dual rate coil overs in front
QA1 dual rate coil overs in rear
JT race craft upper and lower control arm braces

Trans was rebuilt when I had the TA motor done (it does not have a TA motor in it right now).
PTC 9.5” NL
Parts purchased from Dave Husek: billet forward drum, billet input shaft, rollerized rear section, billet 4th gear planet and ring gear. Billet solenoid, transgo shift kit, aluminum sheet metal pan
Cruz trans cooler

The car was repainted in the 90’s base coat/clear at the gm dealership where the 1st owner worked. I had it detailed just before I was to have the TA engine dyno’d (it does not have a TA motor in right now). It has new emblems from highway stars, there are dings and scratches in some spots but looks pretty damn good. The bumperettes have been removed from the bumpers, rear wheel well openings have been rolled. Weld RTS wheel all the way around.

I have a much bigger list of parts and I am sure I am missing stuff on that list. The ac box is out of the car, but I have it and its intact. I boxes of stock and aftermarket parts that will go with the car. Not parting out the car or selling any parts. Just ready to move on as I have other interests right now as this got drug out too long. Asking $40,000 OBO located sw wisconsin.


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Engine bay pics.


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The car hasn't been to the track in years. As stated in the first part of my post is has been run on the dyno only and from where the transporter unloaded it in the street to the garage.