2 kids die in home fire

Michael McCoy

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May 26, 2001
I haven't posted on here in a while & this really isn't what I like to post about. I can't stop thinking about it though, so please bear with me.
This time last week, we were informed of the death of Addison & Daniel Macemore. My wife & I have known their father Darren Macemore for close to 20 years now & we met their mother Lisa Greene thru Darren 12 or so years ago. While their parent's never married, they both had custody of the kids & did their best to care for them (or so we thought).
A police investigation into the fire has shown that an excelerant was used to help start the fire in Addy & Daniel's mother's home. The fire was supposedly started by an "overturned candle". Also, the fire originated in the hall near the entrance to one of the kid's rooms. With the bedroom door closed, the 2 children lay asleep due to being given a decongestant/medication of some sort! Lisa told authorities she awoke in a living room recliner to the sound of a smoke detector going off, that the fire was too intense to get to the kids in the bedroom, that she then grabbed her pocket book to retrieve her cell phone while running out the front door, & how she sprained her ankle leaving the home. Laying in the front yard screaming in pain, a neighbor heard Lisa & ran over to help. The neighbor called 911 & after being on the phone for over 2 minutes, Lisa finally told the neighbor that Addison & Dainel were trapped inside!
All of the above happenings took place around 2AM last Wednesday morning. Lisa Greene was arrested this past Friday on 2 counts of suspicion of murder & 1 count of arson.
Darren Macemore is an avid drag racer & both his kids accompanied him to the Jefferson/Pageland Dragstrip almost every time he went. I saw Darren & 10 year old Daniel at Wal Mart recently and would never have thought something so horrible would have happened to such a wonderful little boy. Eight year old Addy was playing video games with her step brother & sister in the families SUV one Friday night at Pageland when my wife Lisa & I arrived. I can't get the memory of all those kids playing so well together & having such a good time out of my mind.
Many of you folks know my wife & I have 2 sons & thus this event has caused me many sleepless nights & has brought me to tears every time & think of it. I could not go to the funeral home last Friday night, just because I knew I could not make it thru to see the caskets & my good friend Darren. I worked on Saturday & missed the burial also. I've been by Darren's home many times over the past 3 days, but haven't found it in me to stop by yet. A phone call can not convey what I feel at this point, so being there to support him & his family is what I need to do now. This has definately been one of the saddest times in my 37 years on the face of the earth. Think of Darren, Addison, Daniel, & the rest of the family please & I hope nothing like this ever happens to any of you or anyone you know.
Mike I am truly sorry to hear of this. Being a praying man, I will pray for this family that the Holy Spirit provide peace and comfort as only He can. You are right, there are many things more precious than why we come to this site such as children, families, and life. I can't fathom what this situation would be like also being a father (4). Your presence to your friend may be all that is needed other than words. A good support system will be needed.
That is horrible

Our prayers and thoughts are with you and their family. That is such a horrible way to pass. Brings you to tears to even think about it. Let them know when you do contact , that they are definitely thought about and in all our prayers. The Lord and heaven will look after them now.

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Truly sad, just reading this brings tears to my eyes. I can only imagine what the father is going through right now. My prayers go out to him and may the good lord forgive the one responsible for this. Michael....try to reach deep inside and go see him, this is when he needs close friends the most.

You need to be strong for your friend. Even if you break down in tears when you see him, it will mean the world to him. You don't even need to speak a word. A hug from you would do wonders to let him know how sorry you are for his loss.

Today was truly a difficult day in my life that I will not go into, but this certainly puts things in perspective.

Darren needs his "friends" now more than ever. Be there for him, no matter how difficult for you, it is certainly more so for him. He needs all the support he can get.

God Bless!!
Go NOW man!!!!!!!! If you break into tears it won't matter any! I am a father of one beautiful girl and I can't imagine what he is going thur right now. Sometimes its hard to turn loose with family but easier with a friend. If you really consider him a friend to you get over there and see him asap! Just be honest and tell him why you haven't been there, for him to know you have been in so much pain will give him someone to open up some with and try to turn loose of some of the pain he must be going thur. :frown: Take care and go see him !!!!! Daniel Ray
Thanks guys for all the support & emails. Now if I could just get my computer to send emails, I would personally thank everyone that wrote me.

We'll be going to Darren's this week for sure. I'll relay all the thoughts & prayers from tb.com when I see him too. I'm off to work now, so thanks again guys for everything.
Sorry to hear such a sad story. Absolutely tragic and if she is guilty of murder, let her burn in hell.

Mike, I can't understand your thinking...... :confused:

I don't care how hard it was or the fact you couldn't handle your emotions but you shoulda been at both the wake and funeral. We all have to do REALLY hard things in life, this was one of yours. Good friends go through the best AND the worst of times and are the first ones on the scene.

I'm sure your suffering and I'm sorry for you but it's nothing compared to what he is going through..... Suck it up and GET THERE! After all, tears between "good friends" may help you Mike.....