200-4r 3-2 shift questions


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Nov 6, 2016
I bought a rebuilt trans and installed into a stock engined 68 lemans. Drove for 1500 miles and developed a problem where I'd get tie up when doing a kickdown at highway speeds. Fluid burned, lots of material in pan so out it came. Found the band was burned and the direct clutch was very dark. Also the teflon ring towards the tail end of the center support was melted(?) and partially out of the groove towards the rear. Couldn't have been on install as it was out on the rear, not the front of the groove. Checked the diameter of the center support vs the inside of the drum (which had been honed) and the difference was about .040" Put it back together with new direct clutches and steels, 4L80E teflons (which fit snugly in the direct drum bore) and a new band. Dual feed and some kind of billet servo cover are the only mods I can see so far. Back in the car I ran it on jack stands and after a dozen or so up/down shifts, I am seeing it seems to shift normally upwards but I get a tie up when manually shifting from 3-2 that will stop the tires for a fraction of a second then sart rolling again in second gear, like the band engages before the direct releases. I believe I was having this problem originally and the material I saw in the pan was band. Again, this car is a 250hp street car, not raced or anything like that. Any thoughts on what I can do to make this thing right?
I believe the ck manual addresses this 3-2 down shift bind. It is what you are describing.
I did buy a copy and have made it to the hydraulic circuits. Haven't come across my exact problem but theres a ways to go.