2000 Camaro SS Convertible with 11K miles...trade for low mile Turbo Buick


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Hi, I have had several low mile turbo regals over the years and would like to "get back into the game" so to speak.

Currently I have what is most likely one of the top 4th gen F bodies on the planet. 2000 Camaro SS convertible with 11,700 miles. Bright rally red exterior with a tan top and tan leather interior. One of 144 red six speed cars and one of 56 with a tan top Car is a factory Hurst six speed car. Was sent to SLP in March of 2000 and was ordered with the Auburn high torque rear differential, chrome ten spoke wheels, SS front grill and dual/dual exhaust. I have all documents including SLP birth certificate, window sticker, manuals, papers, etc. I know the entire owner history and the car has always been treated as a collector car.

Car belongs in a museum. It practically lives in one at my house. Stored on my lift. Never seen rain, snow, clouds, kids, etc. Every single square inch of this car has been detailed and polished including the wheel wells, undercarriage, etc. I am a professional auto detailer and this car frankly receives better care than a 10 million dollar Ferrari.

I would like to trade towards a super nice, low mile (30K miles or under) turbo Buick. I am very partial to Limiteds yet open to T's and GN's.

I and the car reside in suburban Chicago and my cell is 815-575-3010. I hosted the Midwest turbo buick meet around eight years ago when I had my designer series Limited.
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Asking $17,900 for an outright sale. I did not post a price since I am more looking to trade.


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