2004r sometimes hesitates going into 3rd gear


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It seems that sometimes while driving around town after the trans kicks down from 3rd to 2nd that when I speed up the trans will not shift into 3rd. It seems like the rpms go up allot higher than normal until it shifts.
What are some typical things that can cause this? Most of the time it shifts good but every so often it does this.
What can I check if I drop the pan since I may be changing the filter and checking the governor.

With all the knowledge on this board no one has any thoughts as to what could cause this? Anything I can check while I change the filter? Thanks

Krom, could you explain why you think its the clutches? The trans rebuild with all new clutches is only a few yrs old with less than 1000 miles on it. Plus it only does it every once in a while.
The clutches may seem extreme but just wondering.

If it's after a forced 3-2 kickdown I'd say the TV/Throttle Valve binding/sticking. Or as Mikester2 said a shift valve.
Mikester, when you say shift valve are you talking about one of the valves located in the throttle body? Any one in particular to concentrate on? Thanks guys.