2008 Car Trailer For Sale


"Come Correct - Boosted"
Guys, I'm selling my "Basically New Looking Inside and Out" 28ft 2008 Cargo Express "Enclosed Car Trailer". I bought this trailer brand new from the dealership last Summer and used it to haul around the Stage II. Trailer also comes with the hitch and ball, so hook-up and go hauling.

Well, the trailer still looks brand new and I treated the trailer just like I treat my cars. I made some modifications to it by installing additional D-Links in the floor. I also modified it a little bit and used it to haul around my Turbo Busa. So if you have a motorcyle, I installed a small rear tire stability guide in the back that keeps the bike straight and prevents it from moving side-to-side when strapped down. The guide is also easily adjustable to accomodate different motorcycle tire sizes.

Never tried to load the bike and car at the same time, but could be done if I turned the bike sideways (mine has an extended swingarm). However, loading a small car and motorcycle at the same time should be no problem.

Yet, perfect for hauling around any vehicle you may have, let alone the GN.

Price: $3,500.00

The trailer brand new was wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more that what I'm asking, so my loss is your gain. Oh, the trailer is beige but I don't have the option to upload a PIC. Trailer matched the color of my truck.
That is an awesome price. I would be all over this if I had a stimulus check in hand. Maybe in a few months...
Guys, I left my digital cam in the daggone office and first thing in the morning will have to send all who has requested, PICs to your personal email address. Had a couple of private emails already inquiring on the PICs. Don't know why, but this particular for sale option doesn't allow uploading attachments.

My fault for forgetting the camera. No need to worry though because the trailer is very nice. Also, this is a first come, first serve sale. So for those of you who were at BPG or Midwest, you probably saw my trailer (some did).

So to be fair, if I receive a deposit or funds prior to going to work in the morning via PAYPAL, I will still sell to the first individual wanting the trailer.

Thanks All

That is an awesome price. I would be all over this if I had a stimulus check in hand. Maybe in a few months...

Hi Pratt. I would to, if I came across a deal like this, especially considering the fact I'm only asking for about half of what it cost me. Hell, I only used it a couple of times anyway and bought it brand new last August.
is the inside finished or just wood?

Hi TTGN. The inside is wood minus the metal steps and ceiling.

Trailer is also lockable on the rear gate both sides and the front-side entrance door is also lockable. Trailer also has lights inside with switch mounted on the wall.
O.K. Guys, here come the PICs to everyone who has requested. Check your private emails. Just to let all know I do have two offers on the table, even without seeing the PICs for more than what I'm asking, but no money has been deposited yet (so free game as the intent was to end the sale). Yet, the offerers understand that I still will be sending PICs to everyone today.

This is going to take about 30 minutes to get the PICs to everyone who requested them.


O.K. PICs sent to all. You guys are brutal! Learned a valuable lesson here as Ebay would have been the preferred ticket and just let you all battle for it. But, I guess I would have done the same thing to get it :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:.

I'll answer any questions until the Boss catches me :cool:.

Oh, let me know if I missed anyone.
I will take this trailer for $4800 today if you have not already sold it. Send me your pay-pal addy And I will transfer some $$$ to hold this piece. Thank you Rickie Call Me (270)734-3000