2009 duramax???


Jul 21, 2004
well i was not gonna go with a diesel,but what do you guys think of the 2009 duramax,i found a killer deal on one,it has been chipped,has exhaust and cold air kit,17,000 miles.thanks for any help given
After having a diesel I don't plan on going back. I would hook up if the price is right! Post pics:biggrin:
whats a good deal. is it below book that you can get it for.if you keep it litely modded its not to bad.if you want to build it it will get expensive real quick.but overall a really good truck the 2011 2500hd 397hp 700+rwtq w/6speed od tranny the 09 have 4 speeds od.with the modds that truck has will be close to the same hp good luck.

diesel pickups are selling good especially o6 up. i am trying to trade mine off its a 2500 hd crew cab 4 wheel drive cloth bucket seats. allison 6 speed auto, 58000 miles new tires etc, salesman is a drag racer, any way he offered me 26000. for it. he also said he had a buyer wanting a truck with low miles. my wifes son in law has a 05 crew cab 4+4 crew cab that has 200,000 miles on it he is trying to get 18000 for it, there are a lot of diesels around here for sale most have a lot of miles on them, bad part is when the warrenty runs out it cost to get them repaired. like my friends 08 he pulls traviler trailers all over the usa the inj, pump went out in georgia it cost him 2600 to get it replaced. but it ran 180,000 miles,
good luck oc,