200R4 lOCK-UP


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Does anyone know if they make a non computerized lockup that is fully adjusted.

I have a 71 olds with a 200r4 in it and I don't like when the lock up comes in. I want it to come in later. I put a 55 MPH switch in the trans and it is coming in earlier than that. So I want to adjust it up.

Thanks in advance.

I think B&M makes one a box go to the speedo cable and wires up to your orig. lockup wiring. has a dash mounted knob to control lockup MPH. Never used it though.

Thanks Jim,

B & M does make an adjustable aftermarket lock-up. It has a transducer that attaches to the speedometer cable, then the existing speedometer cable attaches to that. The ad claims the speed is ifinately adjustable up to 90MPH. This looks like it will work.

I will post later when I get the product and inform the board as to how well it performs.