2010 Buick Race Day Hotel Info


Jun 23, 2001
Thursday, May 20, 2010 for 4 nights with a special group discount of $75 + tax each night of 3 nights or more, $85+ tax each night for a Friday/Saturday stay and $89.99+ tax for a Saturday only reservation per room for a standard room with two double beds or a king. Individuals wishing to make reservations at that group rate should call the hotel directly by April 29, 2010. A valid credit card or payment in advance will be required to secure the reservation. After this date, the rooms that are not picked up will be released back into our general inventory. As long as rooms are available group reservations may still be made after that date but room availability may be limited.

To help us serve you more efficiently, please take note of the following items:

All room reservations need to be made by calling the hotel directly at 419-663-3501 -option 0, for the Best Western Norwalk by April 29, 2010. The hotel is open 24 hrs a day and guests should ask to make a reservation in the Buick Race Day Group.

Cancellation policy: Guests are given 24 hrs prior to arrival to cancel without being charged individually for their first night’s stay. Guests are responsible for getting a cancellation number for their cancelled reservation. The cancellation must be done by calling the hotel directly to cancel individual reservations. Failure to show (No Show) penalty is also the first nights’ room and tax.
How is the overnight security? I usually stay at the Colonial Inn just off the turnpike. In the evening, we get all the cars on the backside of the hotel and then pull a trailer to block the driveway. It is the only way out. Works great.

Norwalk is all about the Experience at the Racetrack, we have never had any issues and never will. Had one experience where someone supposedly robbed the KFC and the cops asked us if we had seen anybody run through, and we hadn't, that was probably 7 or 8 yrs ago.
Thats great you have never had an issue. I have been going to Norwalk since 1989 when the Super Chevy events started. I, however, have had issues at other events which is why I take security into consideration. A buddy had his entire rig stolen, truck, trailer, and car. Found the truck and trailer on the highway 40 miles away and NO CAR. At The Hot Rod Supernationals in Canfield, Ohio there were cars stolen almost everyyear. I understand what you are saying, but thieves travel and watch for events. All we can do is ask the hotels to provide overnight protection. Most will if you have enough people staying at their location.

Thanks and see you at Norwalk,