2010 Challenger R/T Classic in Furious Fuchsia


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This was to be kept forever as my wife's "fun car" but we decided it's more than we need. It's the R/T Classic package in "Furious Fuchsia" (pink) which was a limited edition color. 5.7 HEMI with multi-displacement and an AUTOMATIC trans. Sunroof, touch screen radio with MyGig hard drive, heated leather, remote start, keyless-go, steering wheel audio controls, etc. This DOES have the white leather seats, chrysler put a restriction on them during ordering and a lot of cars couldn't be bought with them. When we bought it (new), chrysler had a "mopar bucks" program where you got $2k in mopar accessories with a new challenger, so we upgraded it to the already mentioned touch screen radio, and a full set of kicker speakers and kicker upgrade amp. Mopar makes the kicker setup as factory fit and plug and play since it's available in the SRT. No holes drilled, no wires cut!! Sounds awesome! We also bought the stainless door sill plates, hood strut kit (no more prop rod) and the better floor mats and trunk mat. "Dealer installed" (I work at the dealership) and carries full mopar warranty. Only other "mod" was tinted windows. Car is mechanically stock and has not been beat on. The EVIC center has a screen you can access where it has a 0-60 timer and other fun things. 0-60 timer has never been set! Never done the "key trick" to completely disable the esp, traction control either!

I intercepted this car straight off the transporter. It had no "lot rot" from sitting at the dealership. I did the PDI on it. I kept the window sticker before it ever got stuck on the car (still has the border and adhesive cover on the border.) I kept every single piece of plastic that was on the car. The stickers that were on the windshield and wheels/tires, etc were carefully removed and stuck on a backing that allows them to be reattached. The original floor mats and tag screws are still sealed in the bags, I got the invoice information as well as the build sheets that were in the car and the shipping sheets. I got a color copy of the MSO. I got the email printed off when chrysler announced the furious fuchsia package. I got the original radio and speakers and prop rod for the hood. I kept the original oil filter. I got the brochures from 2010. When I stuck the license tag on it, I used rubber grommets and foam to keep the tag from scuffing the rear bumper. I left the dealer sticker off of it (to the dismay of my employer). I have pictures of the car when it was still on the transport truck as well as while they were unloading it.

Car has right at 6k miles on it. 4400 of those 6k miles were logged on the hot rod power tour in 2011. We left from Kansas and headed to Florida and then clear up to Detroit and back home. The tour was the only time it ever sat outside overnight and was also the only time I ever washed it without spending an hour with an air hose drying out all the cracks (no water spots). Car had 800 miles when we left for the tour and obviously hasn't been driven much since. It gets jackstanded for the winter and never driven in bad weather. Still has 1.5 years of bumper to bumper warranty and has a 5/100 powertrain warranty.

$32,500. Sticker was around $38k if I remember right plus the accessories. I'm sure you can find a cheaper one somewhere but I guarantee I have the nicest one around. My employer has it listed on autotrader and cars.com and I will link that here for now. I'll get more pics when I get on the home computer. Thanks for looking!


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Forgot to add that this car averaged 25.5 MPG over the whole power tour. It will do 26+ on open freeway.

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Nice piece you got there Bob. One of my customer's has an '012 392 Challenger with the copper colored paint on it. Sell me all your NOS goodies and you can keep mom's Dodge!!
I don't have much NOS left! Unless you want the NOS quarter panel, everything else is either deal pending, or needed for my own car. Actually I sold a few things that my car needs...
Well I bought the NOS rear fillers for my GN. Then I started getting rediculous offers on them. I decided aftermarket is adequate. The headlight bezels I also needed but I'll do aftermarket there too. The t top weatherstrip i hung onto. :)