2011 BPG Nationals Buick Guest Speaker Schedule


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Schedule of events. This may be tweaked here and there but it's the basic lay out as of now...


10 am - Gates and tech open

11 am-10 pm - Open test and tune in designated lanes

2 pm - First call for Gamblers race. All makes and models

($20) entrance fee with 100% payback to winner and runner up

2:30 pm - Second Round Gamblers race

3 pm - First call Qualifying for Q16 and turbo heads up classes

4 pm - Third round of Gamblers race (run round robin from this point on w/test and tune cars ran in-between to give a little cool down time)

5 pm - 1st Qualifying call for BCO

6 pm - Last Qualifying round call, for the day, for Q16 and turbo heads up

6 pm - 10pm -- Test and tune for all makes and models


7:30am - Gates open

8am - 12pm -- BPG Car Show/Display

10am - Tech opens

12pm - Guest Speaker Presentations start at Jegs Suite (Drag Strip Tower 2nd Floor) The Buick speakers will be first up with Ron Yuile starting off doing Ron Kociba's and his own presentations (they both worked together) on the history of the first turbo regals up until the turbocharged/intercooled years as both were heads of the Turbo Group for the entire period. Dave Roland, will follow up with a presentation on the GNX with never before seen pictures and slideshow presentation and also what his role was for Buick as well. Wayne Sherman, the father of the Supercharged 3800 and the only Buick engineer to go to Pontiac to help with the TTA will do a brief tech session on ways to find horsepower and also will bring his blue T-Type down to the show, the only factory turbo regal test car still in existence. Also Tom Halka, the rod and piston engineer will be coming down with his sleeper 79 Turbo Coupe, Terry Clark, the father of the Buick Stage 2 V6 who worked with Ron Cosner and also was head of Buick Motorsports and also helped build the Twin Turbo Stage 2 powered Riviera pace car will be there as well. They will all be available to answer questions related to their expertise and will be present for all the Buick presentations. Please DO NOT bring any alcohol within the Jegs Suite as it is strictly forbidden and treat the facility with respect at all times.

12 Noon - First Qualifying round call for Q16 and Turbo Heads Up classes

1pm - First Qualifying for BCO (MUST have 2 qualifying passes to participate)

1:30 - Car Show Winners announced at BPG tent

3pm - Second and LAST Qualifying call for BCO and Scott Kelly speaks in the Jegs suite at the track

3:30 - First call for Big Boat Challenge Race (round robin until final round)

4pm - First call for Charity Race (cars MUST be tech’d before round call) round robin until final round

4:30 - First call for Gamblers race (round robin until final round)

5pm - Last Qualifying for Q16 and Turbo Heads Up classes

6pm - Final round call for Big Boat Challenge, Charity Race and Gamblers race)

6pm - FIRST round of BCO (round robin until complete)

3pm - 9pm -- Open test and tune in-between classes (should have a lot of time for

Time trials)

9pm - Time to start shutting down and head out to socialize


8am - Gates Open with tech opening 9am

9am - Time trials

10am - 1st Qualifying call for Q16 and Turbo Heads Up classes

11am - Final Qualifying call for Q16 and Turbo Heads up class

12pm - Lanes closed for track prep

12pm - Drivers meeting at the base of the tower

12:30 - ALL eliminations begin, you will be called to designated lanes.

Open test and tune to be ran between all classes.

Keep in mind we are also working on other Q&A sessions in the Jegs suite for Friday afternoon. We are still working that out so stay tuned but I'm sure someone will be speaking on Friday as well!