2011 Buick Performance Group Special Guest List Announcement


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May 25, 2001
On behalf of Sean Ryder and the rest of the Board of Directors of the Buick Performance Group, I officially invite you all as Buick owners, enthusiasts and spectators to our 2001 National Event July 29-31, 2011 at National Trail Raceway in Columbus, Ohio. We have had our "reunion events" focus on the Gran Sport Stage 1, and the GSX. Now it is time to devout our attention to one of the fastest, most under-rated muscle cars of all time. The cars that in subdued colors, lacked the flare and tenacity of the Grand National, but had the same drive train. The cars that did ate Mustang 5.0s since their inception in 1986 and was the fastest American built car in the 1980s, and second only world wide to Porsche 911 Twin Turbo. The car that 25 years later, with a simple turbo v6 and a few n mods can eat modern day Shelby GT 500s, Camaro SS, Challengers and the likes of any production-built muscle car built today. Yes, ladies and gentlemen we are talking about the Turbo Regals, aka T Types, Turbo Ts, and Turbo Limited.

Dennis Manner the father of the Stage 1 engine and renown Buick engineer since August 2010 has helped me locate the Buick engineers who were most instrumental in these cars whose credence was "Bad to the Bon.". Dennis will be attending as will his close friend Joe Guzek. Joes resume reads like this: " Major designer of all major GM muscle car wheels including Gran Sports and GNs and countless others. Remarkable guy, owns multiple 60s buicks and turbo regals and also owns a 1 of 1 color (metallic orange ) 1970 stage 1 4 speed (finally found the correct looking color; hoping to have it painted and he said he hopes to drive it down for '11 event with Manner as they are very close friends).

In addition, 4 other engineers, synonymous with Buick Performance will be attending, bringing with them never before seen photos, documentation, materials, books, and articles showing the initial stages of testing, r and d work, racing and production which turned the 231 v6 from an oil puking 6 cylinder to a fire breather turbocharged and intercooled motor that became the power plant of choice not only in Grand Nationals and Turbo Regals, but TTAs, GNXs and became the forefather of the 4.3 block used in the Syclone and Typhoon. From its early history and initial builds to its Nascar heritage (hence the name Grand National), to its domination of the streets and tracks beginning in 1986 with added turbo charging and intercooling, these engineers will present to all Buick enthusiasts the rich history of the 231 v6 and the history of the Turbo Regal. 4 more personnel are in talks with myself about attending and they are confirming with myself and the BPG as we speak. When they officially confirm we will announce it here and on other sites. Their resumes read like this:

1. GM Service Writer. Wrote all the service manuals for all the turbo regals, owned a t type brand new in 85, owns an 85 race car and 87 Turbo T. Has rare never before seen assembly manuals, documents and photos of the "G body cars" and some rare GNX and turbo regal photos.

2. He took over as supervisor of the Turbo Group from 1986-87! He said he has several stories about the race between Buick and the Turbo 3.8 vs Chevrolet and the 350/305 engine for their Corvettes that he says TR enthusiasts will enjoy as well as other stories of the 3.8 engine development.Also has some rare stories about NASCAR and how Grand National came to be coined in name.

3. He was in charge of Buick's Advanced Vehicle Concepts and is considered one of the main reasons the GNX came to be in existence. He stated he will bring photos, documentation and literature on everything he can find including the famous shootout between the Calloway 350 Vette and the GNX prototypes that put the GNX on the map.

4. Was at Buick from 1967 through the late 90s. Instrumental in the early turbocharger years, also developed first prototype intercooled/turbocharged car prior to 1986 when the 86/87 were just about to be release. Also worked as head of Buick Motorsports when they terrorized Indy with their 3.8 turbo engines winning the Indy pole. Also developed FWD Supercharged 3800s of late 90s and early 2000s and instrumental in getting Buick get the Grand National name for use in its production car and also some funny stories about the front spoiler with the GN/T Types being produced on the street for a NASCAR advantage! Good Story, Ill let him tell it! Very technical guy about the turbo charger and super good guy! Hopefully will have some paperwork and documentation from the early days, as he is going to start hunting for it as we speak!

As I said before, the above individuals were committed a few months ago and now we are finalizing details. Once that happens their names will be revealed. For now we will let the mystery wait on....

In addition, Mark Holder from Muscle Car Review who has been a staple at our events and always given great press coverage will be in attendance covering the event. High Performance Pontiac also stated they will cover the event as well.

In addition for our TTA aka Turbo Trans Am owners and enthusiasts, the following gurus will be there as well :

Scott Kelly was instrumental in the development and production of the 1989 20th Anniversary Trans Am. Scott served as the Engineering Liaison between PAS and General Motors throughout the program as well as being responsible for the all of the Trans Ams used during the month of May 1989 including the 3 actual Pace Cars. After the Trans Am program Scott worked as the Service and Warranty administrator for the Anniversary Trans Am, Syclone, Typhoon, Sonoma GT as well as Natural Gas powered trucks that PAS produced until 1994.

Scott and his Wife Ann currently own a small automotive technical writing company name Kelly Automobile Technologies that specialized in vehicle proposals, technical papers and marketing materials. Ann and Scott met under the hood of a prototype 20th Anniversary Trans Am in 1988 as Ann was tasked by Pontiac to develop the Owner’s Manual Supplement for the car.

Also Billy Briggs, the prototype engine builder of the TTA will be there as well.

All speeches and presentations by our guests will be in the luxurious Jegs Suite track side. A/c and a lot of room, perfect for the humid July Ohio days.

If you have any questions, contact myself at 216.470.8844 for Turbo Regal info or email me at TROSE231@hotmail.com or contact Jim Chaudrue if you have questions or issues for the TTA portion of the event. His email is phillyturbosix@comcast.net. All these personnel have never met outside of Buick and Pontiac factories in Michigan. Never at the GSCA Nationals or anywhere else. This is a once in a lifetime event to see and meet the people who designed, tested and build the cars that we still love to this day. BE THERE!!!

Tony Rose


BPG Board of Directors

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This will be one of the most awesome events for any Buick powered V6 fan!
See ya there!
Thanks Rob!

******UPDATE AS OF 2-5-11

One more guest Wayne Sherman who was one of 7 people allocated from Flint from Buick to help with the TTA and was one of the final people to carry out the legacy of the Buick Grand National will be in attendance. We are also in contact with several other people who did everything from set up the DEA/FBI Turbo Regals, Computer Programming, AE Piston Design, 3.8 Prototype Engine Builder and several others directly involved with different facets of the TTA and Turbo Regals! Will be updated as we talk with more guests and attempt to confirm their attendance for the event.
Spoke with Julio Don from Alky Systems. He will make the effort and come up from Florida to attend this event if he gets enough request to install kits, sell kits, and or tune the kits.

So if you guys want Julio Don to show up for any of these services, e-mail / call him with your requests now! I have already e-mailed him and offered him Free vending / Free entrance for the event just to help get him up here for you guys! His kits are amazing and almost a must for the turbo cars that want to run more boost. Nothing better then the man himself doing the install and tuning it! If your on the fence about getting one of his kits now is the time as he is rarely up this far north!

Here is his contact info....

Julio Don
Alkycontrol Inc
10317 Del Mar Circle
Tampa FL 33624
M-F 9:00AM till 6:00PM EST