2018 rules discussion


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To open up the rules a bit and get some others into this class I propose bumping up to a 66mm turbo and allowing relocation
devices/brackets like the southside or baseline style to be used. I feel and saw quite a few cars this year that could have easily been able to race this class with these 2 changes. There is still, I feel, a seperation of classes with theses changes but with fewer "stock style" (TSA) cars out there this will invite cars to race TTS.
Although I don’t feel it makes or breaks participation, I am open to the turbo change. I won’t have an issue as it will still fit under the shield. Mine will stay a 62 for now even if the rule passes.
When we start talking about suspension changes then the class starts to evolve into something else. We have all seen it happen just as it’s happening right now in other classes. I can’t help but think to myself, why not just move up to the next class? But I suppose if one knows they are not going to be competitive then there lies the answer.
No offense to anyone, just trying to keep it real. I am always going to try to race somewhere because that is what I enjoy doing. I’m certainly not going to let a few rules, in my favor or not, stop me from doing just that.

I just read the rules, are aluminum heads allowed? Girdles on the block? It doesn't say glass bumpers are not allowed specifically?
Thanks, if you let 66mm turbos in, it would be neat if you had to run a stock airbox and stock location intercooler, and maybe most of a stock turbo heat shield.


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It would be neat, are you considering that combination as it should fit in the proposed TTS rules. I would be curious as to what a 66 and stock air box is capable of running myself.
It would be neat, are you considering that combination as it should fit in the proposed TTS rules. I would be curious as to what a 66 and stock air box is capable of running myself.
On my old setup, 109 stroker, cast unported GN1 alum heads, 210/210 110 cam I made one hit and it went 11.2 at just 16 psi boost through the stock airbox. It is a restriction, but I think I could just crank the boost up and see where it ends.

Now I have a low 9 sec spec TSM engine, but still rocking the same 2004 66mm big shaft TE45a.63 and CAS V4. All summer I ran a bone stock intake and purolator paper air filter. I bet I could go 130 on the stock airbox. I dropped my max street boost down to 12, and it still feels like a high 10 sec car still and is barely even spraying alky at that level.

With my car to be legal in TTS, I'd have to trade my Weldon1100 and stock location billet tank pickup for an AN racetronix intank double pumper, ditch the 90* -6 AN adapter and mount my aeromotive -6 regulator right on my AN adapted stock fuel rail, toss the stock bumpers on, and stock seats and belts back in and M&H 275 50 17 inch drag radials. Then I'd cross my fingers no one notices the shaved side mirrors as not technically bone stock appearing. But I did build my setup to look as close to TSA but, larger, there's even a AiResearch tag on my V4...

In theory if I could go 9's, and if 66mm was legal, I "could" qualify in every single T class and go rounds in more than one class. But I've run multiple classes before, and it's a lot of stress both mentally and on the car by hot lapping. Last time I did it in BG 2015, tossed a paper head gasket and bent a piston not even pushing it that hard at mid 10's when the maf line blew and I lost alky.

Next time I get to go racing next summer, I'll see what a stock airbox can do.


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well, with what you listed, I can save you some work, as The mirrors don't matter, no need to change them. Join in the fun and lets see what we can do with the 66.