218/218 cam?


mean old man
what valve spring pressure are people with this cam using.? I know what comp. cams say's, but I want to know what you are using. It is a flat tappet. thanks
I used 120#ers on my old setup when I ran Comps 218/218 flat tappet cam. Some say that's crazy, but they worked great. Break in on softer springs is critical tho before slapping the heavier springs on. 110-120 should be ok tho. This is kind of a touchy subject with some people.
I installed this cam too. For now im running the stock rockers and the springs that knperforme put on my heads are the 981's i think. What are you guys shifting your car at w/ this cam. Im going to about 6100.
I talked to RJC at bowling green about this cam and jason said it loves 6200 w/ roller rockers at (i think) .015 preload. I would verify w/ jason before setting preload on any roller rockers though.